How To Increase Brain Activity

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How To Increase Brain Activity
How To Increase Brain Activity

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Neuroscience research has confirmed long-standing assumptions about the enormous potential hidden in the brain. Almost everyone can be convinced of the validity of these conclusions. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, and many other factors help boost brain activity.

How to increase brain activity
How to increase brain activity


Step 1

Believe in the truth of the statement about the need to eat right. Eating healthy food has a beneficial effect not only on physical fitness and general well-being, but also has a positive effect on brain activity and on the state of memory, in particular. Free up space in the refrigerator for foods containing enough unsaturated fatty acids (vegetable oils, fish oil, nuts). Limit your intake of fatty meats.

Step 2

Fast carbohydrates from sweet and flour products burn vitamins of the B group necessary for good memory and nervous system functioning. Replace them with more useful, so-called slow carbohydrates. They are found in vegetables and cereals. Don't limit yourself to protein foods (fish, meat, legumes) that provide the brain with amino acids.

Step 3

In addition to obtaining nutrients in the process of food consumption, regularly buy courses from synthetic vitamins and microelements at the pharmacy. Vitamins of group B, E, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium are necessary for the brain all the time. They help speed up thought processes, improve memory and concentration.

Step 4

Create a comfortable workspace for yourself. The clutter of a room, overloading it with unnecessary items can cause fatigue and depression. Therefore, even simple cleaning can easily increase brain activity.

Step 5

Train yourself to think positively. Negative thoughts lead to anxiety and depression, making it impossible for the brain to be productive.

Step 6

Train your brain with logic games, puzzles, puzzles, crosswords. Read as much as possible. Try to write down your own thoughts (experts believe that it is best to do this with a pen, not using a keyboard). Start learning a foreign language. The more load the brain receives, the easier it is for him to work with it.

Step 7

For quick results, see your doctor who can write a prescription for one of the brain-boosting nootropics.

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