How To Develop The Brain

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How To Develop The Brain
How To Develop The Brain

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It so happens that we are no longer satisfied with our short-term and long-term memory. From day to day we do monotonous work, every day it becomes more difficult to concentrate on something new: memory weakens, the degree of concentration of attention decreases. What's the matter? Why is our brain weakening? It turns out that he also needs to be trained and strengthened.

How to develop the brain
How to develop the brain


Step 1

Pay attention to your daily diet, the normal functioning of the brain depends on the presence of vitamins in the body: C, A, K, E and group B. Together they prevent rapid fatigue, speed up the reaction, and help keep the memory "solid". Iron and folic acid also strengthen memory. All these useful components are found in lean meat, beef liver, potatoes, rye bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, and nuts.

Step 2

Nerve and brain cells can be made to work with special mental training that helps develop the brain. To strengthen your memory, you need to play intellectual games, lotto, chess, solve scanwords and crosswords, solve problems and puzzles as much as possible.

Step 3

Physical activity also helps to strengthen memory. Regular exercise 2-3 times a week can activate the blood circulation in the brain. In these exercises, aerobic activity plays a major role.

Step 4

Oddly enough, but ordinary "cramming" helps to develop the brain. Frequent repetition allows you to retain as much material as you like. At the same time, repetition at reasonable intervals is productive. During the pauses, the process of remembering what our subconscious has learned takes place.

Step 5

The brain is well stimulated by any new impressions and, in general, everything new. Take a walk where you have not been before or where you rarely go. Buy essential oils and breathe in a new scent every morning - this will "wake up" the brain.

Step 6

In the dark, do not turn on the light - walk around the apartment from memory. This exercise increases focus and concentration. When you see nothing, the rest of the senses are activated.

Step 7

Learn to distinguish coins without looking, just with your fingers. Exercise is useful when you are expecting something. Time passes quickly, waiting becomes less painful.

Step 8

Diversify your vacation. If you are usually in the city on weekends, then go to nature next time. Don't like music? Go to a concert - you will get a lot of unfamiliar sensations. In a word, study the world, do not stand still and do not let your brain be lazy.

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