How To Learn To Pronounce P

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How To Learn To Pronounce P
How To Learn To Pronounce P

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The problem of pronunciation of the letter "r" is found not only in children, but also in adults. If before the age of 5 the child has not learned to pronounce it, after 5 years it is necessary to start setting the letter. It is desirable to solve the problem in childhood. However, if this did not happen, you can learn to pronounce it at any age. There are two ways to eliminate the pronunciation defect: by contacting a specialist or on your own, performing a set of exercises.

How to learn to pronounce p
How to learn to pronounce p


Step 1

There are special exercises for sound production.

"We brush our teeth"

Smile, open your mouth as wide as possible, and start brushing your upper teeth from the inside with the tip of your tongue. The tongue should move from side to side.

Step 2


Open your mouth wide and run the tip of your tongue back and forth across the palate. The tongue should return to the beginning of the upper teeth.

Step 3

"Licking our lips"

Open your mouth and fix the lower jaw with your hand. Use your tongue to lick your upper lip from top to bottom. Make sure that the lower jaw does not move. The exercise should be done only with the tongue.

Step 4


Open your mouth and, striking the upper alveoli of the teeth with your tongue, pronounce the letter "d".

These exercises must be repeated three times a day, 10-20 times.

Step 5

There is a technique that allows you to learn how to pronounce "p" in the shortest possible time:

Slowly pronounce the sounds "de", "te", "le" without stopping for two to three minutes.

Say the same thing for five minutes faster.

Pronounce the sounds “de”, “te”, “de” in the following order: pronounce the first “de” normally, and the second “de” so that the tip of the tongue touches the tubercle above the upper teeth. You should have the sound that the English say.

Repeat de, te, de, de, te, de, de for seven minutes without stopping. Then say "de", "te", "de" until you feel the sound of "re".

Step 6

Say the following words 10 times:




Step 7

Once your tongue is in the correct position for pronouncing "p", you will need to consolidate your skills. You need to start by pronouncing the letter in an isolated sound, then in syllables, words, phrases and sentences. For sound production, the vibration of the tongue is important. Vibration can be achieved mechanically: on the tip of your tongue, put a lump of thick paper tied to a long thread. Hold the thread in your hand. Remove the tongue by the upper teeth and blow it off the tongue with a strong air jet.

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