How To Put The Letter P

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How To Put The Letter P
How To Put The Letter P

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In order to solve problems with articulation and teach a child to pronounce the letter P, it is necessary to visit a speech therapist. The specialist will conduct classes, recommend exercises, sound setting techniques. However, you can cope with the problem yourself with the help of light exercises.

How to put the letter p
How to put the letter p


Step 1

If the child is more than four years old, then use special gymnastics to train the sound R. It must be done while sitting, the back must be straightened, the body must be relaxed, the arms and legs must be in a calm state. During the exercises, the child should see both the adult's face and his own face (so that he himself can control how correctly each exercise is performed).

Step 2

So try to find a gym area where the child and adult can sit in front of a wall mirror. However, not everyone has such an opportunity, so it will be possible to limit ourselves to a small hand-held mirror for a child (about 9 by 12 cm in size). In this case, the adult should sit opposite the child (facing him).

Step 3

So, the first exercise is called "Sail". It is aimed at developing stretching of the hyoid ligament, at the ability to relax the muscles of the tongue (when it is in an elevated state). Here it is necessary to open wide, and put the tip of the tongue behind the upper front teeth. The tongue itself should be bent upwards, and its lateral edges pressed against the upper teeth. In this position, the child should hold for about 10 seconds. Do the exercise 2 or 3 times a day.

Step 4

The next exercise is called "Drive the mosquito". Its purpose is to train the tip of the tongue under the pressure of a strong air jet. To do gymnastics. the child should touch the protruding tip of the tongue with the upper and lower lips. When exposed to air directed at the tongue, the tip of the tongue will begin to tremble.

Step 5

By the way, in order for a child to learn how to pronounce the sound P, do not ask him to do just that, make it easier for him, otherwise you can only provoke the so-called throat pronunciation, but not teach him the real sound. Instead, ask your toddler to imitate the roar of an airplane, the growl of a dog, the croak of a crow, and so on. This is how you will achieve the result much faster.

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