Why Does The Labia Ache

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Why Does The Labia Ache
Why Does The Labia Ache

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In cases where a woman has pain and swelling of the labia or the vagina itself, one should not hope that everything will pass by itself. In this case, it is also not worthwhile to self-medicate. Timely seeking help from a qualified specialist is the key to a speedy recovery.

Why does the labia ache
Why does the labia ache

Causes of pain

The most common cause of labia tumors is rubbing of female genitals with underwear. This effect further leads to their irritation. Also, there are frequent cases of infection of the labia after and during masturbation. The main signs of vulvovaginitis are itching and painful sensations when urinating and walking, swelling and redness of the labia, yellowish discharge with a repulsive specific odor.

Candidiasis, or thrush, is also a common cause of pain in the labia. The causative agent of this disease is a yeast-like fungus (candida). A fungus of this type is present in the natural microflora of every woman. Candida can be located in the oral cavity, excretory organs or genitals. An increase in yeast-like fungus in one of these organs leads to thrush. The main symptoms of the disease: enlargement, redness or itching of the labia, painful sensations in the vagina, discharge of curd mass with an unpleasant specific odor.

Vulvodynia is a disease that is difficult to diagnose. It is accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations at the entrance to the vagina. The main cause of the disease is a certain inflammation of the nerve endings that are in the genitals. As a rule, this disease is associated with a chronic form of thrush, with the transfer of any infectious disease or taking antibiotics during this period. The main symptoms: severe burning during intercourse, prolonged regular pain in the vagina, severe itching of the labia.

Bartholinitis is a disease that can also be attributed to the reasons why pain occurs in the labia. Bartholinitis is a lesion and inflammation of the so-called Bartholin glands, which are located at the entrance to the vagina. This disease actively affects many functions of the glands, interfering with the optimal functioning of the tubules and clogging them.

Treatment and prevention

If pain occurs in the labia, it is necessary to immediately undergo a full examination in a specialized medical institution. Thus, a qualified specialist will be able to accurately diagnose and prescribe the correct and necessary drug treatment.

As a prevention of diseases of the female genital organs, one should not forget about the rules of personal hygiene. It is also worth remembering that protected sexual intercourse is the key to the health of the female body.

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