How To Develop Correct Speech

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How To Develop Correct Speech
How To Develop Correct Speech

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Modern society makes special demands on everyone who wants to be successful, effective, and wealthy. Literacy and eloquence in presenting and defending one's own thoughts is an inalienable duty of a successful person.

How to develop correct speech
How to develop correct speech


Step 1

The following actions will help you to effectively develop correct speech, as well as significantly expand your vocabulary: Communicate with smart erudite people, try to organically maintain a conversation, listen carefully to what phrases the interlocutors use. From each conversation, emphasize for yourself beneficial expressions, speech turns, theses. Spot mistakes and avoid them.

Step 2

Read contemporary literature written in a competent, multifaceted style. Reading will help you remember a lot of useful information and gradually develop correct speech.

Step 3

Build a dictionary of compliments and quality characteristics. Take any explanatory dictionary, magazine or use the Internet, write down all the compliments that can be given to people, the qualitative characteristics of inanimate objects, as well as epithets describing intangible things: nature, meeting, sky, sight, etc. Memorize and use them appropriately in the conversation.

Step 4

Record your conversation on a voice recorder and analyze your speech. Often in the course of a conversation we do not notice that we are using words-parasites and mistakes, we make inappropriate pauses, create the impression of uncertainty. Try to identify positive and negative trends in your speech.

Step 5

Remember the rules of the Russian language. When are certain forms of words used, for example, the words "Dress" and "Put on" or "Rotate" and "Wrap". Remember the rules for setting stress in words, declension, etc. Pronounce words and phrases that are correct from the point of view of the Russian language, this will give you the impression of a literate well-read person. Remember! Training is always a laborious process, the result can be achieved only by working intensively to achieve it.

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