What Healing Power Do Hot Springs Have?

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What Healing Power Do Hot Springs Have?
What Healing Power Do Hot Springs Have?

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Hot, or thermal, springs of mineral water have an amazing healing power, which was known in ancient times. Most of these natural sources contain a rich complex of beneficial minerals that have a beneficial effect on the skin, musculoskeletal system, immune system and other systems of the human body.

What healing power do hot springs have?
What healing power do hot springs have?

The nature of the thermal springs

A source is an outlet to the surface of groundwater, which can have a different mineral composition and different temperatures. If the water in the spring is above 20 ° C or the average annual temperature of a given area, then it is called hot or thermal. They are heated mainly due to volcanic activity and active processes occurring in the bowels of the earth, therefore, most thermal springs are located in areas of volcanoes. Sometimes the high temperature is due to the rise of water from a great depth, where the temperature is much higher. In some areas, the springs have temperatures up to 97 ° C.

In the areas of hot springs, sanatoriums, hospitals, resorts, hotels are being built, which work all year round, since they always maintain a constant temperature.

The benefits of hot springs

Most of the hot springs are mineral, as the water passing through the rocks is enriched with a large number of chemicals that are beneficial to human health. Such water is considered food, suitable for drinking and even medicinal, depending on the set of minerals, it treats diseases of the digestive, respiratory, endocrine and other systems.

Doctors prescribe the use of this water, self-treatment with mineral water can worsen the state of health. Some sources cure women's diseases and can relieve infertility, while others are well-suited for rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries. Hot mineral water can help with sclerosis, gout, joint inflammation, neuralgia, respiratory diseases, osteoporosis.

Bathing in such springs has a therapeutic effect on the skin, joints, immunity, the functioning of the central nervous system, heart and blood vessels. As a rule, special institutions are arranged for this - baths or pools with medical stations, where visitors are told about safety rules and contraindications.

While hot springs are helpful, in some cases they can be harmful. Contraindications are some diseases of the cardiovascular system, malignant tumors, asthma, leukemia, and some eczema. Also, you can not swim in baths with warm mineral water during pregnancy.

The most famous hot springs in Russia are located in the Stavropol Territory in the Caucasian Mineral Waters region, in Tyumen, near Lake Baikal, in Kamchatka.

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