Is It Harmful To Use Silicone Pads

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Is It Harmful To Use Silicone Pads
Is It Harmful To Use Silicone Pads

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Nipple protectors have long been used by many women who want to protect their nipples from damage during breastfeeding or to heal cracks that have already appeared. In addition, these pads allow you to shape inverted or flat nipples that the baby cannot grasp. However, they are not as useful as they might seem at first glance.

Is it harmful to use silicone pads
Is it harmful to use silicone pads

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Silicone pads began to be sold relatively recently, and their instructions recommended using them no more than several times in a row - and even then, only if there are strong cracks. Today, silicone pads are offered even in maternity hospitals, for any violation of the condition of the nipple or a poor sucking reflex in a child. At the same time, nursing mothers are obliged to warn that the use of these pads can improve the situation, but if a woman does not start giving the baby breast without a pad, it can harm him.

The use of silicone pads for several weeks leads to the fact that the child does not gain weight, and even loses it.

Usually, young mothers correctly identify the source of the problem and refuse to use linings. But it often happens that inexperienced women try to increase the amount of milk and the weight of the baby with the help of formula feeding. As a result, natural breastfeeding gradually fades into the background and newborn babies become “artificial” too early. This, in turn, leads to various problems in the future, as well as to a weakening of the child's immune system.

Damage lining

When sucking on the silicone pad, the baby receives much less milk than he needs, and falls asleep undernourished, despite active sucking. Meanwhile, a signal is sent to the woman's mammary glands to reduce milk production, of which there is still quite a lot in the breast. On the next feed, the baby will be able to suck even less milk because the mammary glands have reduced the amount of milk produced. Thus, a vicious circle is obtained when the baby tries to suck out more food, but because of the silicone lining, he receives only part of it.

With milk remaining in the breast, the body constantly reduces its production until it stops completely.

To abandon the silicone pad, you need to supplement the baby without this “barrier” after each feeding with it, reducing the duration of its use every day. Thus, it will be possible to give up silicone in a week - and as for problems with the nipples, they need to be gradually hardened using various procedures. At a minimum, the nipples should be gently wiped off with a slightly damp terry towel - and this is recommended before delivery, so that the breasts are ready for the breastfeeding test.

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