Is It Harmful To Use Earplugs Often?

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Is It Harmful To Use Earplugs Often?
Is It Harmful To Use Earplugs Often?

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The earplugs have been designed to protect workers' hearing in high-noise environments. However, these devices are also used with pleasure in everyday life, where there are also enough loud sounds even at night. In addition, for diving enthusiasts, earplugs are available to protect the eardrums from pressure drops.

Is it harmful to use earplugs often?
Is it harmful to use earplugs often?

What are earplugs

Earplugs are soft, plastic earmolds that are inserted into the ear canals and plug them tightly, protecting the eardrums from sound vibrations. For the manufacture of these devices, natural and synthetic materials are used: cotton wool, silicone, wax, polyurethane, polypropylene, PVC.

The cunning king of Ithaca, Odysseus, can be considered the inventor of earplugs, who ordered that the ears of the crew of his ship be flooded with wax so that the sailors would not hear the seductive singing of sirens and do not rush into the water.

Types of earplugs

Protective pads can be disposable and reusable. It should be noted that earplugs usually dampen low-frequency sound vibrations, which are considered the most harmful to health. For professional musicians, the herringbone earbuds are available to drown out sounds of different frequencies equally well.

How to use earplugs

Disposable earplugs made of fat-repellent polymers need to be rolled out between the palms, giving them the shape of a thin cylinder, then inserted into the ear canal. The liners expand to fill the entire volume. These earplugs absorb sound well if they are firmly inserted into the ear. Otherwise, the effectiveness of their protection is reduced.

Reusable molded earplugs are also available. For their manufacture, silicone, plastic or rubber are used. In pharmacies, these devices are sold in sealed packaging. It is necessary to select earplugs in accordance with the size of the ear canal, which may be different even for one person. If the size is not chosen correctly, the earplugs will pass noise or cause discomfort to the owner.

In production, it is convenient to use earplugs on a hoop or on a fishing line. Such devices can be worn around the neck or on the head and inserted into the ears as needed. However, in this type of earplug, the density of adhesion to the ear canal decreases and, accordingly, the level of noise reduction.

Safety regulations

In general, earplugs are a good way to protect yourself from industrial noise at work and to ensure a restful sleep at home or on the road. However, you must follow some rules so as not to harm your health.

Sometimes people who often use ear plugs complain of a feeling of airlock in their ears and hearing loss. This is possible if a sulfur plug is pushed deep into the ear canal with ear plugs. To avoid this trouble, the ears must be cleaned of wax or rinsed with special products.

Reusable earplugs must be washed thoroughly after use and kept in the packaging in which they were sold. If you violate the rules of hygiene, there is a great risk of bringing in an infection, the consequences of which will take a long time to recover.

Do not wet disposable earplugs as they lose their shape and become unusable.

Ear tabs that are too large can press on the blood vessels inside the ear canal, which can interfere with blood circulation. At the same time, the person experiences severe discomfort. Of course, you can forget about normal sleep.

Do not use earplugs too often, as it can become addictive. Even faint sounds will cause anxiety and will keep you awake.

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