How To Improve Breathing At Home

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How To Improve Breathing At Home
How To Improve Breathing At Home

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You can improve breathing at home if you go in for running, jumping rope and singing. It is helpful to inflate rubber balls, swim, dance, and do chest development exercises.

how to improve breathing: running as one of the ways
how to improve breathing: running as one of the ways


Step 1

If you experience shortness of breath after simply climbing stairs or walking your dog for a short time, or if you are exercising and cannot improve your results due to lack of breathing, then you need to specifically train your lungs to improve breathing. The most effective exercise for improving breathing is jogging. You need to run every day, preferably in the morning. Start at a slow pace, accelerate after 400-500 meters, and after a minute switch back to a slow pace. You need to do 5-10 such accelerations in one run, monitoring your breathing: inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Inhalation takes 2-3 seconds, exhalation 1 second.

Step 2

Do a simple exercise every day: inhale lightly and exhale slowly, making a movement with your lips, as if you want to pronounce the letters "F" or "W". The exhalation should last so long that you have time to count to yourself up to 14.

Step 3

It is useful to perform exercises for the development of the chest: place your hands at shoulder level and sharply spread them straight several times, then left, right, up and down. Frequently perform self-massage of the chest, not sparing it, "beating" like a chop.

Step 4

You can improve breathing at home if you regularly practice various blows on a punching bag. At a fast pace, try to hit the bag as long as possible without stopping. If there is no pear, just shadow boxing: hit the air with your hands and feet, move, gradually increasing the pace. Give these activities half an hour a day.

Step 5

You can train your breathing apparatus if you jump rope and take vocal lessons. Eventually, you can buy regular rubber balloons and inflate them at home, increasing lung capacity and strength and improving breathing. It has a beneficial effect on the body and improves breathing breathing. Buy a pool pass and visit it as often as possible.

Step 6

All exercises and activities that have a cardiac stimulating effect are suitable for improving breathing. We are talking about exercise on a stationary bike, treadmill, step aerobics, dancing and the like.

Step 7

Strengthen your torso: do squats, bends, push-ups and pull-ups, and train your abs. Of the heavy exercises, lifting the barbell and dumbbells is shown. Exercise to expand the chest has proven itself well. To perform it, you need to stand up straight, breathe in deeply, hold the air, stretching both arms forward and keeping both fists clenched at shoulder level. Then, in one movement, take your arms back and alternate this position with the previous one, all the time clenching your fists and straining the muscles of the arms. Exhale the air forcefully by opening your mouth.

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