How To Increase The Height Of A Teenager

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How To Increase The Height Of A Teenager
How To Increase The Height Of A Teenager

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Growth can be improved during adolescence, which cannot be achieved after 21 years of age. Active growth is observed at this age mainly in boys, girls usually grow taller than their peers of the opposite sex by the age of 14-16. If there is a deviation from the norm, you need to pay attention to just a few things that will have the best effect on adding centimeters upward.

How to increase the height of a teenager
How to increase the height of a teenager


Step 1

Pay attention to nutrition. In adolescence, you need to eat more, preferably animal products. Grains, of course, also do not interfere, but a sufficient amount of protein must enter the body, without it, cells begin to divide more slowly, and growth stops. Eat fruits and vegetables, and if not, take vitamins and minerals. After consulting a doctor, you can take a course of calcium supplementation.

Step 2

Be sure to go in for sports, especially since there are various sections in schools that are free to attend. You can sign up for a gym or pool. You need to develop not only bone tissue, but also muscles. If you have joint problems or other connective tissue diseases, maintain muscle tone with regular morning runs. Try to walk daily, fresh air and sun rays are active growth stimulators.

Step 3

During adolescence, nervous breakdowns, depression and poor sleep are often observed. Most often this is due to a change in hormonal levels and fatigue from school. Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day, preferably 7-8. During sleep, active cell division occurs, the body is renewed and straightened.

Step 4

Bad habits, such as nicotine and alcohol, slow down the growth inherent in nature. If you do not limit their use, not only will you not grow to genetically determined growth, but all your efforts to increase it will be in vain. Therefore, if you want to be a healthy, tall and handsome person, take care of your future in advance.

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