How Can You Get Diabetes?

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How Can You Get Diabetes?
How Can You Get Diabetes?

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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease of the endocrine system associated with a disruption in the formation of the hormone insulin in the body. The disease can be caused both by insufficient formation of the hormone in the tissues of the pancreas, and by a decreased sensitivity of the body to the hormone produced.

How can you get diabetes?
How can you get diabetes?

It is necessary

  • - heredity;
  • - overweight;
  • - stress;
  • - infectious diseases and pathologies of the pancreas;
  • - age.


Step 1

There are a lot of predisposing factors for the onset of diabetes mellitus, but the disease does not always begin to develop and progress even if they are present. But the combination of these factors increases the risk of development tenfold.

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Getting sick with diabetes is very real, having a hereditary predisposition. Medical observations have established that with diabetes of one parent, the risk for a child is 10 to 30% of the likelihood of pathology. If both parents are sick, the likelihood of developing diabetes in children is close to 60-100%. The scatter in the numbers of different studies differs significantly, but one thing is certain - a hereditary predisposition exists, and it must be taken into account when marrying, planning children, etc.

Step 3

The second factor that significantly increases the likelihood of developing diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, is regular overeating and obesity. With an excess of body weight by 20%, the incidence of diabetes increases to 25%, an excess of body weight by 50% - the incidence of the disease is already 60%.

Step 4

Pathologies of the pancreas, diseases of other endocrine glands, viral infections such as chickenpox, rubella, epidemic hepatitis, influenza and other diseases can trigger the process of diabetes mellitus.

Step 5

Nervous stress in people who are overweight and have a hereditary predisposition very often serves as a trigger for diabetes.

Step 6

The older a person is, the more likely they are to develop diabetes. Moreover, every 10 years after 50 years of life, this chance doubles.

Step 7

Although sugar abuse is not considered to be the cause of diabetes, this bad habit will also do a bad job at some point. A person who consumes exorbitant amounts of refined carbohydrates sooner or later faces overweight.

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