How To Reduce Breast Size

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How To Reduce Breast Size
How To Reduce Breast Size

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The female bust is the object of close attention of men. Despite the general belief that large breasts are very sexy and beautiful, many women want to reduce their bust size a little for practical reasons.

How to reduce breast size
How to reduce breast size

Diet food

The breast consists almost entirely of adipose tissue, with the exception of the mammary glands proper. This means that any good diet will affect bust size. With a decrease in calorie intake, it is usually the breasts that lose weight first. This spoils the mood for many girls who would prefer to have a larger bust, but it helps a lot in the opposite case. However, not all diets work this way. In some individual cases, the breast, despite the diet, does not lose size. In such a situation, it is necessary to resort to other methods of reducing the bust or contact a nutritionist for detailed advice on this issue.

In most cases, the problem of too large or small breasts can be solved with the right underwear. It will seriously reduce the stress on the spine. A large bust requires wide bra straps.

Radical Breast Reduction Method

Plastic surgery remains the most effective way not only to increase, but also to reduce the bust. During breast reduction surgery, the surgeon pumps excess fat through a small incision and gently tightens the sagging skin. This procedure is not too difficult for an experienced surgeon. However, with any surgical intervention, complications are possible. That is why it is very important to choose a trusted specialist, a good clinic and not spare money for the operation. In any case, plastic surgery is an extreme method, which it is advisable to resort to for medical reasons.

If you find it difficult to "carry" your chest, but you do not want to resort to radical procedures, engage in exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back. After a couple of months after starting classes, your life will be much easier.

Doubtful way

Breast massage, contrary to popular belief, is not a very useful thing. It is not effective enough to reduce it, but that's not even the problem. To have a serious effect on adipose tissue, the massage must be strong and hard enough (remember the anti-cellulite technique). Such influences are strictly contraindicated for a woman's bust, since this can lead to unpleasant consequences and disturbances in the structure of tissues. Taking into account the fact that such massage must be done regularly for greater efficiency, you can spend a lot of time, money and, moreover, earn serious health problems.

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