How To Remove Belly And Stretch Marks After Childbirth

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How To Remove Belly And Stretch Marks After Childbirth
How To Remove Belly And Stretch Marks After Childbirth

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Often such a happy event in a woman's life as the birth of a child is overshadowed by frustrations about her spoiled figure. The belly, stretched over the long months of pregnancy, does not want to become flat and taut, and the skin - elastic and beautiful. Exacerbate the problem of stretch marks even more. All this leads to a decrease in self-esteem and the appearance of complexes, so it is very important to know how to get rid of these problems and regain a slender body.

How to remove belly and stretch marks after childbirth
How to remove belly and stretch marks after childbirth


Step 1

The main mistake of most women is the desire to lose weight dramatically. Do not forget that after childbirth, the body itself gradually brings itself back to normal, but this takes time. Even if you do nothing, the extra pounds will go away by themselves, but the forms without some effort, of course, will no longer be the same as before pregnancy. Therefore, your task is to help the body recover, support it with vitamins and moderate physical activity, without taking drastic measures.

Step 2

It is worth doing body shaping no earlier than 6-8 weeks after natural childbirth. After a caesarean section, the period of physical activity is postponed by another month, because there is a high risk of disruption of the integrity of the seams, increased intra-abdominal pressure, prolapse of the vaginal walls and many other health problems. Therefore, do not rush, let the body recover after the operation, it is better to pay close attention to your diet for now.

Step 3

When choosing physical exercises, you can focus on your physical fitness, your taste and preferences. The ideal way to remove the stomach, tighten the abdominal muscles is shaping. This type of physical activity has absorbed all the best from aerobics and gymnastics. Shaping gives you the opportunity to mold your body the way you want. In addition to affecting the abdominal muscles, it also involves other muscle groups in the work. The arms, legs, back and, most importantly after pregnancy, the pectoral muscles will also be used. For exercise, it is better to purchase a special bra that supports the breasts. A good effect is given by special firming masks and body creams. It is good if an experienced instructor will work with you, who will select an individual program for you.

Step 4

It is often difficult for young mothers to find time for fitness clubs, so it is much more convenient to do it yourself at home. There are many special sets of exercises for women after childbirth. They should be performed after a short warm-up. You can, for example, jump rope or dance for a few minutes. When swinging the press, do not use weights so that the muscles being worked out are not too bulky. The workouts should be intense and the muscles tense throughout the session. Also, clearly observe the correct technique for performing each exercise, otherwise the desired results will not be achieved.

Step 5

Don't forget about your skin. You can use folk remedies for this. The most effective remedy is honey. It is applied to the area affected by stretch marks with patting movements on the skin. This is a painful procedure at first. Another good remedy is cocoa butter. It must be rubbed into the skin regularly. Any vegetable oils are good for fighting stretch marks. For example, flaxseed, almond or olive oil combined with regular massage will give good results.

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