How To Relieve A Spasm In The Muscles Of The Legs

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How To Relieve A Spasm In The Muscles Of The Legs
How To Relieve A Spasm In The Muscles Of The Legs

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Spasms in the muscles of the legs can be very excruciating. Most often, this unpleasant phenomenon occurs at night, and a person may even wake up from severe and sharp pain in the legs. The cause of spasms can be strong physical exertion, uncomfortable position of the legs, vascular disease, anemia, lack of vitamins, stress, prolonged exposure to cold water. Usually the calf muscles, as well as the muscles of the front of the thigh, spasm. It is not very easy to cope with this problem, but it is possible.

Very high heels are the cause of leg cramps
Very high heels are the cause of leg cramps

It is necessary

  • - wool scarf;
  • - warmer:
  • - warming ointment.


Step 1

If you have cramps in the calves, you need to relax, calm down. Try to breathe as deeply as possible, evenly. This will help oxygenate the tissues, which will help relieve cramping.

Step 2

If the cramping starts while you sleep, try standing up. It is necessary to ensure normal blood circulation in the legs. Stand up straight, straighten your back, turn your shoulders.

Step 3

Grab your foot firmly with your hands and pull your toes towards you. This exercise can be painful, but after a few minutes you will feel the muscles relax. After that, massage, rubbing, stroking, tapping.

Step 4

If the spasm persists, pinch the muscles firmly. This will most likely help and the muscle will stop hardening. Rub your leg again, then pat it hard.

Step 5

Take any warming ointment and spread it on your feet. You can use sports ointments, they are specifically designed to relax the muscles. Then wrap your leg in a warm scarf and place it on a pillow so that it is higher than your head. You can apply a heating pad to the muscle.

Step 6

In the event that a muscle spasm caught you in the water, do not panic. Do not make sudden movements - this will only aggravate the cramps. Breathe in deeply, bring your knee to your chest, grab your foot and pull it up sharply. Try to stretch a muscle. Try to stay on the surface, do not flounder.

Step 7

If the cramps recur frequently, pay attention to your shoes. It should not be tight, uncomfortable, or have too high heels.

Step 8

Exercise with leg exercises. Try to get up more often if your job is sedentary. Squats and tiptoe walking are very helpful.

Step 9

Drink as little coffee as possible, as it can remove calcium from the body. A deficiency in this element can lead to muscle cramps and cramps. Eat right. Do not get carried away with strict diets.

Step 10

Take a contrast shower every night. Start with cold water and end with it. Do not make the shower ice cold, this can hurt yourself.

Step 11

If the cramping continues, see your doctor and talk about your concerns. If the problem can be solved with medication or with the use of any medical procedures, then the specialist will certainly prescribe the necessary treatment for you.

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