How To Relieve Tension In Your Legs

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How To Relieve Tension In Your Legs
How To Relieve Tension In Your Legs

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With excessive physical exertion, the muscles of the legs are exposed to strong tension. The person feels tired and uncomfortable. However, it can be removed using several methods.

How to relieve tension in your legs
How to relieve tension in your legs


Step 1

If you feel that the muscles in your legs are tense, you can relieve this tension with a warm bath of essential oils. This method is very easy, but quite effective. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add a few drops of chamomile, lavender, rosemary and lemon essential oils. Lie in such a bath for fifteen minutes, after which you will notice an improvement. Your legs will become relaxed.

Step 2

If such a bath still does not bring the desired result, you can massage your feet. Rub your feet, toes, calves and shins with your hands. For this, you can use a special massage cream or oil. If you cannot cope on your own, contact a professional. He will show you what to do, and in the future you will relax your legs yourself.

Step 3

To relieve pain and tension in the muscles of the legs, doctors advise using warming ointments, for example, "Finalgon". They are able to have a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Just apply a little of this product to the tense area and rub it into your skin. From above, you can cover your tired legs with a woolen scarf. The effect of this ointment begins within twenty minutes after its application. However, remember that if you have some affected areas on your feet, you should not apply ointment to them. In addition, after using this remedy, it is better for you to refrain from taking hot or even warm baths.

Step 4

In addition to using special medications and warm baths, you can relax tense leg muscles with some exercise. Lie on your back, bend your knee and lift it up, swinging it slowly. Sit on a chair with your feet firmly pressed to the floor. Lift your toes up without lifting your heels off the surface, and then, on the contrary, lower your toes down and lift your heels. This exercise must be repeated several times. You can also lie on your back, raise your legs up and lean them against the wall. The tension should pass quickly.

Step 5

You can also use a warm horsetail infusion bath to relieve tension from your legs. Take two tablespoons of dry crushed herb, steam them in one liter of water for thirty minutes. Pour this tincture into a bowl of water, lower your feet there and leave for 15 minutes. The exact same bath can be taken from chamomile tincture and a small amount of salt.

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