Slimming Rope - An Effective Trainer From Childhood

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Slimming Rope - An Effective Trainer From Childhood
Slimming Rope - An Effective Trainer From Childhood

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Surely there is not a single woman who does not know what a jump rope is. Today, jumping rope for weight loss is included in the program of many gyms and is called a buzzword - skipping (from the English skip - to jump). Regardless of the name, the essence of the exercises remains the same and pursues several goals, including weight loss, toning muscles, and improving the figure.

Slimming rope
Slimming rope

Weight Loss Skipping Rope Exercises: Benefits

Jumping is an effective movement that involves almost all muscle groups. The advantage of the rope is also that during the exercise, hands are additionally involved, namely, they are the problematic part for many women - this is fullness, and flabbiness, and saggy skin (if, for example, weight loss was sharp). In general, jumping rope for weight loss is useful for the following reasons:

- high calorie consumption;

- aerobic exercise, saturating cells with oxygen;

- improving blood circulation;

- normalization of the intestines;

- elimination of stagnation in blood vessels;

- cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful waste products;

- weight loss;

- getting rid of cellulite;

- impact on the most problematic areas of the female body (buttocks, thighs, sides, abs, arms);

- a positive attitude and excellent mood during and after classes.

How to choose a rope for weight loss

In today's sporting goods market, you can find a rope that meets a wide variety of needs. There are four main types:

  1. An ordinary skipping rope that girls have been using for decades.
  2. Jump rope with a counter - is able to record the number of jumps made, time and calorie consumption. Such a projectile seems newfangled, but it will not be difficult to buy a rope with a calorie counter. This can be done in a large sports store or by ordering online.
  3. High-speed - can do up to 6 rotations per second.
  4. Weighted.

When choosing a rope, you need to pay attention to the fact that the handles should not cause discomfort - they should fit comfortably in the palms. Exercises on a skipping rope for weight loss will be effective only if you choose the right length of the projectile - it must match your height. As a rule, there is a table on the package by which you can calculate whether a given rope is right for you or not.

Slimming rope: exercise results and effectiveness

Only regular exercise will contribute to rapid weight loss. Indeed, in just 15 minutes of vigorous jumping, you can burn about 250 calories. At the initial stage, you do not need to exhaust yourself - 15-20 minutes every other day will be enough. As soon as the body enters a rhythm, it itself will begin to require an increase in loads and time (up to 45-60 minutes).

Before exercising, you need to warm up your body with a warm up. Exercising with a full stomach is prohibited. So that the body does not experience a lack of oxygen, it is recommended to jump with open windows or at least a window. Outdoor activities are ideal (weather permitting, of course).

To keep the muscles from getting used to the same movements, jumps need to be constantly modified. If funds permit, you can purchase 2 ropes, for example, high-speed and weighted. Alternation will allow you to burn subcutaneous fat as quickly as possible.

Women should definitely wear a sports bra so that their breasts do not suffer during the jumps. Over the bra, you can additionally wear an undershirt or top made of elastic fabric.

Contraindications for jumping rope

Care should be taken when exercising for those who have problems with the spine or joints. You can not exercise during migraine attacks, with an increase or decrease in pressure.If there is obesity, jumping can negatively affect the musculoskeletal system and lead to injuries, therefore, you must first limit your diet, bring the weight back to normal (safe for physical activity). Jumping during pregnancy requires consultation with your doctor.

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