Physiotherapy Exercises For The Spine

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Physiotherapy Exercises For The Spine
Physiotherapy Exercises For The Spine

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Due to physical inactivity, excess weight, the muscles supporting the spine become decrepit, and the intervertebral discs, wearing out ahead of time, begin to compress the nerve roots - and it is difficult to straighten the back. But just twenty minutes of daily exercise is enough to restore elasticity to the muscles, increase blood flow in the spine, activate metabolism, and the pain will gradually recede.

To make the exercise really beneficial, do not skip a day of therapeutic gymnastics
To make the exercise really beneficial, do not skip a day of therapeutic gymnastics

Mandatory conditions

For the best therapeutic effect, perform the complex twice: before breakfast and shortly before bedtime. Some exercises are so simple that they can be used to warm up at work. The main thing is to have patience and perseverance.

The first condition: do them slowly. Your movements should be wide, smooth, rounded. No jerky jerks!

The second condition: do not try to immediately perform the complex to the maximum. Load the spine gradually, as you feel. And increase the range of motion each time.

The third condition: when doing them, think about the muscles that you are straining. Try to feel your spine, treating it lovingly, and not just mechanically performing a set of movements.

Fourth condition: keep breathing evenly while exercising. When your heart rate increases, pause and rest.

Stretching the spine

1. Lie on a hard (semi-hard) bed or carpet. Slowly lift your legs, bend them and bring your knees closer to your chin. At the same time, stretch your chin towards your knees. You cannot help yourself with your hands.

2. Roll over on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and stretch with pleasure - the thoracic spine will be well straightened. Then grab the back of your head with your palms and stretch again sweetly - the sacro-lumbar region will stretch. Gradually complicate this exercise: bend in an arc, lifting your legs and head up.

3. Stand behind a stable chair or high chair. Lean over the back to the seat and rest your elbows on it. Bending in half, lift your legs off the floor and hang for a few seconds. This exercise stretches the spine well and at the same time strengthens the abdominal press.

We develop the mobility of the spine

1. We stand upright, keeping our hands on the belt. We make 10-15 lateral tilts left and right. Then we bow, trying to touch the floor with our palms. It may seem incredibly difficult at first, but as you gradually develop your spine, you will be able to touch the floor with ease.

2. Leaning on widely spaced legs and freely holding the lowered arms, we begin to smoothly shift the body of the body to the left and to the right. At first, little by little, then gradually increase the range of motion. We fix attention on the muscles of the lower back when they are tense.

3. Standing straight, raise the right knee, take it to the right and rest the foot on the left leg. Freeze in this heron pose. The muscles of the lower back and buttocks are tense, we focus on them. Then we do the exercise, changing the leg.

4. Again we stand straight, keep our hands on the belt. And we begin to move the pelvis left-right, back-forward, smoothly describe the circles. Subsequently, it is even better to perform such movements to music, having acquired a large hoop (hula-hoop). Just dance without fanaticism …

Strengthening the muscles of the spine

1. Lie on a rug or bed, bend your legs slightly. Leaning on your feet and head, gradually bend in the lumbar, and then in the thoracic region. Commit to the most elevated position. Repeat it as you feel.

2. Standing straight, join your fingers behind your lower back "in a lock" and strongly strain as many muscles of your body as possible. Stand in this state for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise after relaxation pauses.

3. Sit on a chair, clasp your head from behind with both palms and, stretching with pleasure, bend back as much as possible. Freeze for a few seconds, then wither away.

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