How To Learn Ice Skating

How To Learn Ice Skating
How To Learn Ice Skating

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Skates are not only a great option to train movement coordination, but also just an interesting entertainment. Today, when ice rinks have become available almost everywhere, this sport has acquired a new face.

How to learn ice skating
How to learn ice skating

If you want to learn how to skate, you just need to practice as much as possible. Any skating rink is suitable for this purpose. Skating rinks are convenient because you do not need to buy skates, you can always rent them.

Of course, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic literacy and technique of behavior on the ice. With this, you can be helped by a person who already knows how to stand on the ice, or an instructor who is always available on commercial ice rinks.

The basic principle is as follows. Legs should be hip-width apart. Keep the body straight. If you feel that you are losing balance, then shift your body weight forward, that is, bend forward. Never take the body back, you risk falling on the tailbone and damaging it. As a result, you will lose your balance, beat off your sacrum and any desire to study further. Tear off the legs from the ice in turn and spread them in the direction of the "herringbone". The main barrier between you and skill is fear. Get rid of it and study calmly.

It is important to choose the right skates and lace them up correctly. Always wear a thick sock under your skates, this will save you from chafing. Never tuck your pant leg into the shin of your skates, you can rub your leg, and stretch your ligaments in case of an unsuccessful fall. The skates should fit snugly against the leg and the lacing should be tight. For study, use only skates for figure skating, they keep the foot and lower leg together, which protects the delicate ligaments from tears and sprains when falling or losing balance.

In fact, learning to skate is easy, the main thing is to focus on the process. Remember, an ice rink is not a place to be pampered, even if you are confident on the ice. Falling in a bunch of people on the ice can be dangerous as the blades of the skates are sharp and can seriously cut. Therefore, if you see a potentially dangerous moment, it is better to step aside or stop.

These are only basic recommendations, you will learn more by getting to the rink and receiving the initial instructions.

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