How To Strengthen Your Hands

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How To Strengthen Your Hands
How To Strengthen Your Hands

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The hand muscle is small enough compared to other muscle groups, but it nonetheless plays an important role in a person's daily life. Weakness in the hands due to diseases such as arthritis can affect the ability to handle objects, write, and use a computer. Strengthen the muscles in your hands with exercises every 1 to 2 days.

How to strengthen your hands
How to strengthen your hands


The pressure strengthens the muscles in the fingers and palm. The fingers are responsible for lifting and holding objects such as a pen, book, spoon. A simple exercise will help make the muscles of the fingers stronger: press alternately with the tip of your thumb on the pads of the remaining four fingers and hold them in this position for about five seconds. In one approach, you can work out each combination of fingers three times. The exercise should be done twice a day.

Holding the weight is itself an exercise to strengthen the hands. But it is better to do it while sitting, so as not to put additional stress on the spine.


The ball squeeze is a very useful exercise for strengthening your hands. It also improves grip, the ability to open doors and hold a cup of coffee or a bag. A tennis ball or any other ball of a suitable size is suitable for the exercise. Take the ball in your hand and squeeze as hard as possible. Hold the ball for about three to five minutes. However, if you feel pain or discomfort in your joints, the exercise should be stopped. If possible, repeat ten contractions two to three times a day.

Hand movement

Flexing the hands inward and outward improves their motor function and strengthens the muscles of both the hands and fingers. The flexor and extensor tendons are pulled through the wrist in the tissue of the palms, so limiting the movement of the arms leads to a weakening of their strength. Bend your elbows and stretch your hands. If after ten repetitions you feel tired in the muscles, then you are doing everything right. When performing the exercise, the position of the forearms and elbows should be motionless; only the brushes move. Do three sets of ten reps. Circular movements of the hands in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction will also be helpful.

Old newspapers and magazines accumulated? Break them into small pieces. This will strengthen the hands and improve the fine motor skills of the fingers.

Stretching the elastic band

Stretching a simple rubber band several times a day is beneficial for strengthening the tendons of the fingers. Wind the tape around your fingers and pull it all the way. Repeat the exercise in three sets of 10-15 repetitions. You can also develop the muscles of individual fingers by winding the tape around two fingers rather than the entire palm.

Carpal expander

The wrist expander is an easy way to develop and strengthen the muscles of the entire hand. Exercises with an expander are based on the principle of elastic deformation. Squeezing the expander will be quite difficult at first, but with regular training, you will feel the muscle strength increase.

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