5 Breathing Exercises For Hypertensive Patients

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5 Breathing Exercises For Hypertensive Patients
5 Breathing Exercises For Hypertensive Patients

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Correct breathing during moments of high blood pressure is very important. It helps to calm down, gradually relieves of unpleasant sensations, normalizes the condition. Breathing exercises for hypertension should be performed every day, but they will not take very much time.

5 breathing exercises for hypertensive patients
5 breathing exercises for hypertensive patients

Respiratory gymnastics looks like a fairly harmless way that helps to normalize the physical condition with a tendency to high blood pressure. But you need to remember that in the first month, exercises should be performed no longer than 10-15 minutes. The time can be gradually increased if no unpleasant effects are noted. You should breathe without tension, not through force. In case of fatigue or pain in the body, gymnastics should be interrupted.

Examples of breathing exercises for hypertension

The above exercises should be performed in a sitting or lying position.

Exercise one. Relax and take a slow deep breath with your nose for 3-4 seconds (you can count to yourself). Then exhale gently at the same time through the mouth. Rhythmic breathing should be continued 10-12 times. At the end, the most complete breath is taken, the breath is held as long as possible.

Exercise two. Slowly inhale deeply through your nose, hold your breath for a while. You should not strain and endure through force. The subsequent exhalation through the mouth should be done smoothly, unhurriedly, without interruption.

Exercise three. For 7 seconds, take a slow breath, fill your lungs with air, moving upward. Then - unhurried exhalation for 7 seconds, air movement - from top to bottom. After that, you need to hold your breath for 4-5 seconds.

Exercise four. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, then hold your breath for 5 seconds. After exhaling through the mouth - 5 seconds, holding the breath - 5 seconds. After making 10 approaches, continue rhythmic breathing and add a circular massage of the wings of the nose to it.

Exercise five. Pinch the left nostril with your fingers, slowly take 8-10 breaths and exhalations. Then do the same, holding the right nostril.

You can complete the complex of therapeutic breathing exercises with rhythmic breathing. Sitting in a relaxed position, breathe calmly with closed eyes, gradually making inhalation and exhalation almost imperceptible.

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