How To Wrap Bandages Around Your Arms

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How To Wrap Bandages Around Your Arms
How To Wrap Bandages Around Your Arms

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Various injuries and cuts on the hands are quite common, and in such cases it is always necessary to provide timely first aid to the victim - to apply a bandage. Learning to bandage hand wounds is not so difficult, and in the future you will be able to bandage both yourself and others in unforeseen circumstances. To bandage an injured limb, you will need gauze bandages, sterile wipes, and triangular scarves and elastic bandages. Different dressing materials are used in different ways.

How to wrap bandages around your arms
How to wrap bandages around your arms


Step 1

If you are using a sterile pad or tissue, select a pad that is sized to completely cover the wound. After applying the gasket, wrap the bandage tightly around it in a spiral, and then tie the ends of the bandage in a knot.

Step 2

Do not tighten the bandage too tightly - do not impede normal blood circulation. Use only a dry gauze bandage - a wet bandage shrinks as it dries and tightens the wound.

Step 3

In all cases of bandaging the hand, always leave your fingers open to monitor the condition of the limb. If the hand is bandaged correctly, the fingers do not turn blue, do not grow numb and do not lose mobility.

Step 4

To bandage the wound with a sterile bandage, apply it from the base of the finger to the base of the palm on the opposite side. Wrap your hand several times along this path, and then wrap the base of the finger with the end of the bandage several times, lifting the turns up, if necessary, and then lowering them down again.

Step 5

Stretch the bandage along the back of your hand and wrap it around your wrist a couple of times, then hook the bandage around your finger and tie it around your wrist.

Step 6

You can also use an elastic compression bandage. It should be applied to the raised arm, winding diagonally around the outside of the arm, starting at the wrist. With the bandage wrapped around your palm, come back again and make a few loops around your wrist. This method of bandaging is called "figure eight".

Step 7

After you have done the above steps, make two or three turns with a bandage from the wrist along the arm, and secure the bandage with a safety pin or clip.

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