Is It True That Beer Grows Belly

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Is It True That Beer Grows Belly
Is It True That Beer Grows Belly

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A huge bulging belly in men is usually called beer. And it is formed, obviously, due to the use of this low-alcohol drink. But doctors do not agree with the statement that the belly grows precisely from beer.

Is it true that beer grows belly
Is it true that beer grows belly

The beer belly became so widespread that scientists could not help but be interested in it, as a result of which it was decided to conduct a real scientific study to find out the reason for its appearance. Well, where was he to spend it? Well, of course, in the Czech Republic, where almost no feast is complete without beer. The experimental group was recruited 1098 women and 891 men. At the same time, the male daily rate was determined from the amount of 3.1 liters of the foamy drink, while the female one was somewhat more modest - 0.3 liters.

Scientific research

Before the study, each of the participants was measured weight, the ratio of the volume of the hips and abdomen, the body mass index was recalculated and the percentage of body fat was calculated. The results of the study amazed both scientists and the subjects themselves. After three months of beer consumption, the body mass index in men remained the same, all deviations were within the limits of a possible error. The result in women was even more surprising. During the experiment, the experimental group even managed to lose a little weight, which gave the scientists rich food for thought.

The study showed that beer by itself does not promote belly growth, although it is unlikely that you will succeed in losing weight by consuming this drink in large quantities. Beer can be classified as a medium-calorie product. 200 ml of the drink contains 76 kilocalories, that is, even less than ordinary apple juice (96 kcal per 200 ml). And milk and red wine are much richer in terms of calories (136 and 148 kcal, respectively).

Why does the belly grow

It could not do without one big "but". It's not about the calorie content, but about the composition of the beer. The alcohol and carbon dioxide contained in it increase the secretion of gastric juice, moreover, 1 liter of beer contains from 25 to 40 g of carbohydrates, which also helps to stimulate the appetite. So it turns out that a relatively nutritious drink in itself is imperceptibly eaten by quite abundant food. The effect of a one-time meal is unlikely to be too noticeable, but the constant consumption of beer in combination with high-calorie foods may well lead to the deposition of fat in the abdomen. So, the beer is not directly guilty in this, but the indirect one is quite enough.

Therefore, we can say that the beer belly grows not from beer, but from what is associated with it - many hours of feasts, a large amount of snacks, as well as a lack of movement, because rarely who, having drunk beer, goes on a sports jog or at least for a long a walk in the fresh air.

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