How To Quickly Heal Broken Knuckles

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How To Quickly Heal Broken Knuckles
How To Quickly Heal Broken Knuckles

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When hitting with a clenched fist, the knuckles of the index and middle fingers are most often damaged, since they account for the main impact force. Some people believe that damaged skin will heal on its own, but such damage does not always go away quickly and easily.

How to quickly heal broken knuckles
How to quickly heal broken knuckles

Impact consequences

After a strong blow with a fist, weakness of the fingers is often felt when they are extended, pain in the joint area, damaged areas may be swollen, and the extensor tendons may be displaced. If the blow is too strong, the tendon can completely rupture, causing the corresponding fingers to stop unbending without assistance. The insidiousness of broken knuckles is that edema and swelling in the acute phase of the injury makes it almost impossible to diagnose tendon displacement and rupture of the joint capsule. This leads to a lack of adequate treatment, and after the pain passes, problems with the joints of the fingers begin.

The most common effect of damaged knuckles is constant clicks in the area of ​​the finger joints.

In the presence of atypical clinical manifestations, representing the absence of visible displacement of the tendon on palpation, as well as full range of motion of the fingers, the person most often ignores the injury. As a result, the tendon, after the transition of damage to the chronic phase, can be re-displaced and inflamed, and treatment will be significantly complicated by cicatricial contraction. To avoid this, it is necessary to visit the trauma department immediately after the injury and take an x-ray of the hand and wrist joint.

Fast healing

In order for the broken knuckles to heal as quickly as possible, it is necessary to lubricate them several times a day with Indovazin ointment for ten days. As an additional treatment, you can use Nise tablets, as well as a special pharmacy salt, which must be diluted in a basin of warm water and placed there a damaged brush for ten minutes, while massaging it. It is also recommended to do such salt baths for ten days.

In the clinic for the treatment of knuckles, physiotherapy procedures and effects with the help of a small UHF are offered.

In case of severe bleeding, you can moisten the wounds with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for five to ten minutes for an hour, after which the knuckles can be lubricated with the Rescuer ointment. In case of severe hematomas and tumors, they should be lubricated with camphor oil - or lightly pierce the bruises with a sterilized thin needle and release the thickened blood. This will allow the knuckles to heal faster, regrow new skin and return to their normal appearance.

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