How To Make A Rejuvenating Cocktail At Home

How To Make A Rejuvenating Cocktail At Home
How To Make A Rejuvenating Cocktail At Home

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Any woman wants to turn back time. And an infinite number of scientists are fighting today over attempts to at least slightly defeat the approach of old age. But there is a cocktail that is amazingly easy to make that can slow down the aging process.

rejuvenating cocktail
rejuvenating cocktail

With regular use of such a cocktail, both external and internal indicators of the body improve. And it consists exclusively of natural ingredients. The women who tested this miracle cocktail on themselves noticed an improvement in vision by two units, the appearance of smoothness of the skin on the whole body, and an improvement in the condition of the hair.

So, the recipe for a wonderful cocktail that slows down the aging process:

- 1 glass of flaxseed oil;

- 4 lemons;

- 3 large heads of garlic;

- 1 kg of honey.

Peel the garlic, peel two lemons. Chop the garlic, 2 peeled lemons and 2 peeled lemons in a meat grinder and mix with honey and flaxseed oil.

You need to eat before meals - a teaspoon of the mixture in a glass of clean water 3 times a day. Store the mixture in the refrigerator. Drink until it's over, and then take a break for a couple of weeks.

Do not expect miraculous results from the second day of use. But after a couple of weeks, you can see excellent results - the skin becomes smooth, the hair stops falling out and becomes thicker, there is a feeling of lightness and vigor throughout the body and a completely natural miracle cocktail starts to work.

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