How To Sober Up Faster

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How To Sober Up Faster
How To Sober Up Faster

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A large number of people consume alcoholic beverages. Moreover, their effect on the human body is completely different. And sometimes it happens that during a feast an important matter has appeared, where to appear drunk is to sign a death sentence for yourself. Therefore, it is so important to know some tricks that will help you sober up.

How to sober up faster
How to sober up faster

It is necessary

  • - tea with lemon and ginger;
  • - adsorbents (activated carbon);
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - ammonia;
  • - aspirin or ibuprofen;
  • - fruits;
  • - raspberries;
  • - Bee Honey.


Step 1

If you need to quickly bring a person to a sober state, try to limit yourself to drugs that increase the tone of the nervous system - washing with snow or cold water, contrast shower, massage of the ears and feet, brushing teeth and rinsing the mouth with carbonated water. Hot tea with lemon and ginger works well. A glass of cold water with two drops of ammonia diluted in it will help you quickly sober up (with mild intoxication) (in case of severe intoxication, you can increase the amount of ammonia to six drops). Then take an ibuprofen or aspirin tablet and activated charcoal (one tablet for every ten kilograms of weight).

Step 2

If your state of intoxication cannot be judged as mild, then the following method will work. It is necessary to dilute a little potassium permanganate in two liters of warm water to end up with a weak pink solution. Try to drink as much of this water as possible, then induce vomiting. Flush the stomach until the water becomes completely clear (no food or drink impurities). By the way, fresh air will not hurt after that.

Step 3

You can purchase and keep aids with you in advance. Buy drugs from the pharmacy that help speed up the metabolism of alcohol. As a rule, they contain citric or succinic acid. Carefully read the attached instructions, take these funds only if there are no contraindications. By the way, there is an opinion that oranges, grapes, apples, bananas and pears can relieve the symptoms of intoxication.

Step 4

Fresh raspberries can help fight drunkenness. You can take two hundred grams of bee honey in two doses, fructose quickly neutralizes the effect of alcoholic beverages. By the way, reflexology is doing quite well. Press on the point between the upper lip and nose, on the point located on the right leg (just below the knee, in the projection of the small and tibia), as well as on the point between the base of the index and thumb on the left hand. The sought-for point will react to a strong pressure with a pain signal, and this will highlight it on a part of the body. Perform a circular motion at a rhythm of two revolutions per second. Fifty seconds of exposure to one point will be sufficient.

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