How To Sober Up At Home

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How To Sober Up At Home
How To Sober Up At Home

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Alcohol poisoning takes many by surprise. Therefore, if, amid the noisy fun, someone suddenly lost the ability to adequately respond to what is happening and is trying to fall asleep at the table, it's time to come to his aid. The traditions of drinking alcohol in Russia are long-standing, and therefore there are many recipes for combating intoxication.

How to sober up at home
How to sober up at home

It is necessary

  • - ammonia;
  • - alcohol tincture of peppermint;
  • - Activated carbon;
  • - ice shower;
  • - vegetable oil, hot ketchup, black pepper, lemon juice, egg yolk;
  • - honey.


Step 1

Put 5-6 drops of ammonia into a glass of cold water. Make the drunk drink this mixture. If he doesn't respond to your requests, open your mouth and forcefully pour in the drink.

Step 2

Peppermint tincture relieves intoxication well; it must be diluted in a glass of water in the amount of 20 drops. You can buy the tincture at the pharmacy, or you can prepare it yourself in advance. To do this, pour a teaspoon of dry leaves with a glass of vodka and leave for a week.

Step 3

A widely known and effective method of revitalizing by rubbing the ears. Rub both ears with your hands at the same time. The drunk will quickly regain consciousness. True, then he will just as quickly "disconnect", but you will have time to clarify his name and address.

Step 4

To sober up a drunk, empty his stomach. Give him plenty of warm salted water or strong tea. Then stick two fingers down your throat and press down on the root of your tongue. This will cause reflex stomach contraction and profuse vomiting.

Step 5

Induce vomiting several times until the stomach is completely empty. After that, give the drunk at least 10-15 tablets of activated carbon. It absorbs the remains of harmful substances and cleans the body faster.

Step 6

If activated charcoal is not at hand, you can give the victim warm tea with honey. The fructose contained in honey well neutralizes the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.

Step 7

Do not try to sober up the person by sending him alone outside, especially in winter. In the fresh air, the drunkard will fall asleep very quickly. In the cold season, it can be just dangerous. Try to make the person move at a fast pace so that the alcohol fumes dissipate a little, and he can think adequately.

Step 8

Another home remedy, albeit a bit harsh, is an ice shower. Undress the drunk, put him in a bathtub and pour cold water until he begins to adequately respond to what is happening. This very effective method, unfortunately, is not suitable if the drunk is much larger than you. In this case, you can try wiping the victim's face and neck with a cold wet towel.

Step 9

Make a sobering cocktail. To do this, drop a little vegetable oil into a glass, drive in raw yolk there, add 1-2 tablespoons of hot tomato ketchup, a pinch of black pepper, a couple of drops of lemon juice and 10-15 drops of strong alcoholic drink (vodka, pepper, brandy). This mixture very quickly brings the drunk to consciousness, although not for long.

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