How Many Ppm In A Shot Of Vodka

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How Many Ppm In A Shot Of Vodka
How Many Ppm In A Shot Of Vodka

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The amount of alcohol in the blood is directly proportional to the state of intoxication. In this case, you cannot get behind the wheel or engage in any business that requires concentration. But it's still interesting to know what ppm is and how many are in one shot of vodka.

Even after a pile, you shouldn't drive
Even after a pile, you shouldn't drive

To start

It is necessary to decide what is “at hand”. Understanding what ppm is and how a pile actually looks is an important point, because a pile is often confused with a glass, which is a purely home and restaurant "drinking" dish. The stacks are used in laboratories specializing in the study of alcohols, vodka brands, etc. To obtain the most accurate results, the container volume and the strength of the drink are also important.

So, ppm is a thousandth of any number and a tenth of a percent. This measuring unit is used to calculate the percentage of substances in physics and chemistry, objects and people in statistics, sociology.

In the "popular" sense, a pile is a hundred-gram capacity - hence the name. In fact, a stack is a standard measuring vessel with a volume of 40-60 ml, different from a glass, the capacity of which can reach up to 250 ml.

Of course, glasses are used at home no less than glasses, but the latter are less accurate. For example, a 60 ml stack will serve as the basis with the condition that it is full to the brim, in order to make sure how many ppm are in a full bowl.


In front of you is a pile filled to the brim with vodka. By the way, the percentage of alcoholic beverage is very important, as it directly affects the calculations. Always 40% in vodka. It should be noted that ppm in a pile and in the body are completely different values.

The amount of alcohol in the blood of a person who drank a full glass of 60 ml is influenced by his health condition, body weight, age, gender, digestibility, addiction, liver volume and many other factors.

Now you need simple math operations. The volume is 60 ml, the strength is 40% or 0, 4. You need to multiply the volume by the strength: 60 × 0, 4 = 24. That is, a full vodka shot contains 24 ml of pure alcohol. Since the ppm is a thousandth part, it is necessary to divide: 24/1000 = 0, 024. There will be 24 ml of alcohol in a liter of liquid. Thus, in a shot of vodka, 24 ‰ is obtained.

And if you are still interested in how many ppm will turn out in the body, then this is not difficult. Such calculations are made according to the classic formula of Eric Widmark.

The volume of the consumed drink must be multiplied by the strength, as above. Then multiply your mass by a factor of 0.7 - the percentage of liquids from the total mass of a man, 0.6 - a woman. Divide the "pure" volume of alcohol by this result.

For example, your weight is 85 kg, the volume of vodka consumed is 60 ml, the strength is 0, 4. Formula: 60 × 0, 4 = 24; 85 x 0.7 = 59.5; 24 ÷ 59.5 = 0.4 ‰. The error of these calculations lies in the rate of elimination of alcohol from the blood and in reality can be 0.3-0.2 ‰.

Keep in mind

The calculations are carried out in relation to the male body because women are more responsible drivers. And the calculations are theoretical. Do not experiment with yourself, especially if you intend to get behind the wheel. These results are not evidence in court and the traffic police inspector is unlikely to understand you.

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