Rules For The Preparation Of Medicinal Drinks

Rules For The Preparation Of Medicinal Drinks
Rules For The Preparation Of Medicinal Drinks

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Now it is especially fashionable to use medicinal drinks, both for treatment and for the prevention of disease, as well as for strengthening the body. There are many ways to brew these drinks.

Healing drinks
Healing drinks

The simplest drink is an ordinary tea in the base with the addition of a plant. It is often used in the form of an additive of mint, lemon balm, oregano, black currant leaves. It is better for a person with a shattered nervous system to brew a drink only from medicinal plants, for example, from willow tea or mint.

In the presence of some kind of disease, the drink is given direction. So, in case of a cold, mother-and-stepmother is added to the drink, in case of stomach malfunction - blueberries or oak bark, and in case of indigestion, galangal root helps.

It is not worth complicating the fees for preparing drinks, otherwise you can "miss" and not achieve the desired result.

To get a healthy and at the same time tasty drink, you need to follow a number of rules. First, you need to get spring water, or clean the existing well. If there is neither one nor the other, then take water from the tap in advance, let it settle overnight, for example. The water needs to be boiled only once, bringing it to the first bubbles. The teapot should be scalded with hot water and dried,

Take no more than two grams of tea leaves for the base, add the rest with grass. If the herb is supposed to be one, then 3-5 grams will be enough. Having brewed tea, a porcelain or clay teapot should be wrapped and allowed to brew for 10 minutes, moreover, you need to know that the direction of the tea's action depends on the infusion time: invigorating tea should be infused for 5 minutes, soothing for 10 minutes.

A little sugar is put into the avarka, it improves the aroma. A grain of soda placed in the teapot will help the drink acquire a pleasant and juicy shade. You should be aware that when using only one type of grass, soda is not added, it will worsen the medicinal properties of the plant.

There is no need to boil the tea a second time. In drinking, you should only use tea leaves, you should not dilute it with water.

Peppermint relieves stomach cramps, calms nerves, relieves pain, improves appetite. To achieve these effects, you need to take a glass of boiling water with one teaspoon of the plant and brew, as already mentioned, for 10 minutes. The drink can be consumed both warm and cold.

Currant leaf tea can be used as a diuretic. If tea is consumed for a long time, the salts will wash out well, but the urine will darken, then you need to continue drinking this tea until it brightens.

It should be noted that drinks from natural raw materials also need to be approached carefully, taking into account the characteristics of the body.

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