Is Non-alcoholic Beer Harmful?

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Is Non-alcoholic Beer Harmful?
Is Non-alcoholic Beer Harmful?

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In fact, non-alcoholic beer is not, since it does have a minimum alcohol content. Its harm to the human body lies in the effect of certain toxic substances on vital organs and systems.

The minimum alcohol content in non-alcoholic beer is 0.2%
The minimum alcohol content in non-alcoholic beer is 0.2%

Is a non-alcoholic beer different from a high-grade amber drink?

With a bottle or can of non-alcoholic beer in hand today, you can meet people of different age categories - from young adolescents who are just beginning to learn the adult world, to pregnant women who do not consider such a drink a serious threat to their future offspring. Without delving into the composition of non-alcoholic beer, a person who cannot drink strong alcoholic drinks prefers it only because of the small number of degrees, ranging from 0, 2 - 1, 5%. However, the composition of "low alcohol" is no different from ordinary live beer. It contains all the same proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that die during fermentation. To make the drink foamy, cobalt is added to it as a special stabilizer, but it has a harmful effect on the esophagus, stomach and heart.

The sale of strong alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to non-alcoholic beer, and the high school student prefers it over lunch in the cafeteria.

How dangerous is non-alcoholic beer

Drinking beer with a low number of degrees is self-deception for those who are trying to quit drinking hard drinks. Trying to fill the need for a real drink, people are addicted to the surrogate even more. Why can this harmless beer be harmful? First of all, 2 to 3 cans of soft drinks consumed during the day are the first step towards alcoholism and a change in the appearance of a man. Under the influence of the components of the beer, his lover develops a characteristic belly, the chest begins to grow and the pelvis expands. The formation of a male figure according to the female type is explained by a decrease in testosterone production and its suppression by female sex hormones.

Women who find non-alcoholic beer useful for themselves are gradually beginning to acquire a masculine appearance. Of course, their gender does not change, but their voice grows rough, and even a mustache appears. Another thing that beer is harmful for women is the increased risk of developing malignant tumors. With extreme caution, non-alcoholic beer should be consumed by nursing mothers. It can provoke epileptic seizures in a child.

The fact that the driver is drinking non-alcoholic beer can easily be detected by a traffic police officer by smell. In this case, the fine is inevitable!

What if the word “no” is not welcomed during the meal?

Friendly gatherings at the table are often accompanied by copious libations. In order not to look like a black sheep in the company, a person who does not drink strong drinks rushes to visit with a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic beer. However, there is nothing useful in such communication. True friends will not persuade to drink alcohol even of a weak strength, knowing the lifestyle of a person. Whether to drink beer or not, let everyone decide for himself, but it will be much more useful to sit at the table with a glass of juice or mineral water than to force your kidneys and heart to work in an increased mode.

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