How To Get Rid Of Beer Alcoholism

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How To Get Rid Of Beer Alcoholism
How To Get Rid Of Beer Alcoholism

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Regardless of what a person uses - vodka, beer or cocktails, alcoholism occurs against the background of systematic drinking of alcohol-containing beverages. And beer is the most terrible form of the disease, as it affects the most vulnerable group of people - children, adolescents and women.

How to get rid of beer alcoholism
How to get rid of beer alcoholism

It is necessary

  • - consultation with a narcologist;
  • - drugs for the treatment of alcoholism and relief of cravings for beer;
  • - psychotherapy;
  • - a course of supportive therapy.


Step 1

The government, in the fight for the health of the nation, has banned the sale of strong alcohol after 22 hours, but on all central television channels there is endless advertising of beer - the main drink, from which the state treasury is replenished and the health of the younger generation is lost. In addition, beer nullifies all attempts to restore the demographic situation in Russia. Young girls who consume this foamy drink and become addicted to it, after 4 years lose the ability to conceive, and the guys acquire an effeminate appearance, have a big belly, low testosterone levels and do not want anything but drink beer and not care about anything and about no one.

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The human body, its liver, brain, nervous, cardiovascular system, reproductive function, is completely indifferent in what form alcohol comes in, it has the same destructive power. Moreover, the beer often sold in 1.5 liter bottles has nothing to do with the foamy malt drink. It's just a ruff that's mixed with malt, water, preservatives, and alcohol. One and a half liters of fortified beer is equal to one bottle of forty-degree alcohol. And there comes no less severe hangover than from drinking vodka, moonshine or alcohol. After a while, after systematic use, the moment inevitably comes when you need to get drunk, add more and get drunk. The cure from beer alcoholism is even slower than from vodka binges.

Step 3

To get rid of beer alcoholism, like any other, you need to see a narcologist, get professional help. Therapy will be prescribed to help restore the psyche, biochemical processes, drugs to stop alcohol cravings and supportive therapy.

Step 4

Direct treatment can only be selected by a narcologist, in antidepressants: amitriptyline, Prozac, fluoxetine, Rexetine, Paxil, Anaferon, Stablon, Stimulton, Coaxil, Atarax, Trazadone, Pyrazidol. Antipsychotics can also be prescribed: eglonil, sonapax, carbidine, neuleptyl, haloperidol, chloroprotexene, leponex, aminazine. Tranquilizers: phenazepam, grandaxin, strezam, cipralex, sedalgin, zopiclone, valium, imovan, tazepam, nozepam, temazepam. As an addition to the main therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, psychotherapy are prescribed.

Step 5

Modern techniques make it possible to achieve stable remission, but it is impossible to completely cure alcoholism, since this is a lifelong chronic disease, and one glass of beer, even after many years of abstinence, will lead to a new breakdown and inevitable problems. Therefore, after completing a course of anti-alcohol therapy, you should tune in to a sober lifestyle, not for a certain time, but forever.

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