Signs Of Beer Alcoholism

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Signs Of Beer Alcoholism
Signs Of Beer Alcoholism

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Today beer is sold on every corner. And the choice is very large. Numerous advertisements have created the image of this drink as a companion of successful and joyful people. But doctors say that beer alcoholism is a serious disease that can completely destroy a person's health in a few years.

Signs of beer alcoholism
Signs of beer alcoholism

Regular drinking of beer negatively affects the functioning of many organs. First of all, the gastrointestinal tract suffers. Ethyl alcohol irritates the stomach walls. Which leads to ulcers and gastritis. A large amount of mucus is released, as a protection of organs, but gradually the glands atrophy during such work. As a result, food, undigested, enters the intestines, which makes it heavier and its work. The liver is overloaded, as it is constantly forced to excrete the remnants of alcohol. At the same time, resistance to infectious diseases decreases. And subsequently, liver cerrosis is possible.

When alcohol is consumed, brain cells die. One bottle of beer is enough to kill thousands of brain parts and be excreted in the urine. With regular use, thought processes slow down, memory deteriorates.

How to distinguish beer alcoholism?

There are several signs, the presence of which indicates the presence of such dependence:

1. Regular use of a foamy drink. At least 4 times a week.

2. Uncontrolled amount of beer. The difficulty is limited to one or two glasses.

3. A constant increase in the amount of beer consumed.

4. Forgetfulness, memory lapses after drinking alcohol.

5. Drinking beer at different times, for example, in the morning. At the same time, I really want beer, and it's hard to refuse myself.

6. With a hangover, you want to drink again, and often it is done.

7. It is impossible not to drink.

If at least two points out of seven are present in a person, then he already has beer alcoholism. And this is a disease that needs to be treated.

How to deal with beer alcoholism?

If the addiction is already there, it is worth starting to control it. In the early stages, it is not difficult to treat it. First, give up alcohol. Don't drink at all. Secondly, avoid people offering drinks, do not attend events where there will be beer. At first it is difficult, but then indifference to the drink appears. Third, keep yourself busy. A hobby will help fill the free time, form new habits. Fourth, ask family and friends to support you. Breakdowns or nervous states are possible, but they will understand you if you tell us why you are doing this.

If you can't quit, go to a specialist. Modern medicine has developed many ways to treat alcoholism. If a person is willing to undergo procedures voluntarily, with a high degree of probability he will be able to get rid of the bad habit.

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