How To Stop Drinking

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How To Stop Drinking
How To Stop Drinking

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The systematic use of alcoholic beverages is inevitably addictive. The decision to quit drinking does not arise spontaneously, but comes consciously after daily libations begin to give their negative results in the form of a morning hangover and piled-up problems.

How to stop drinking
How to stop drinking


Step 1

The hardest part is making a decision. Consciously, soberly think about the benefits of drinking alcoholic beverages, and what you are losing. If you have already thought about this, it means that you are losing much more than you gain, therefore, it is time to quit with a bad habit. As the habit develops into an addiction, you will no longer be able to give it up on your own without resorting to the help of narcologists and psychiatrists. The decision made is the first step. You will still have to work a lot on yourself and use all your willpower in order not to become an alcoholic.

Step 2

It is equally important on the way to a sober life to find a goal to which you will strive and which will help completely fill the free time that you spent on gatherings with friends and alcoholic libations. The goal depends on your life priorities. Someone quits drinking and starts building a house, others devote all their free time to their careers, and still others - to travel.

Step 3

Learn not to react to stressful situations. Stress is the main enemy on the path to a sober life. Any unforeseen situation or an outburst of negative emotions can lead to a breakdown and alcohol consumption. If you cannot completely eliminate stressful situations, and hardly anyone has ever succeeded, take everything calmly and with a sense of humor.

Step 4

Exercise daily. If your health condition allows you to go to the gym, do not refuse it. Physical activity promotes the release of endorphins and serotin, improves mood and general well-being, and normalizes sleep and appetite.

Step 5

If you understand that you cannot stop drinking on your own or you can, but for a short period of time, contact a narcologist. The arsenal of modern medical care has a sufficient amount of funds to eliminate alcohol dependence.

Step 6

You will be prescribed medication to normalize your mood. These include antidepressants, antipsychotics, and tranquilizers. If necessary, psychocorrection will be performed, acupuncture of active nerve zones will be prescribed.

Step 7

Medical treatment for alcohol addiction can help you completely overcome alcohol cravings and achieve a long period of remission.

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