Is It Good To Drink Beer

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Is It Good To Drink Beer
Is It Good To Drink Beer

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There are many legends and myths about beer, and one of these myths is the assertion that drinking beer is healthy. Despite the fact that beer actually contains a certain amount of vitamins and acids necessary for the body, drinking beer is still not worth drinking. Otherwise, it can be compared to the fact that smoking is beneficial only because the smoker goes out into the fresh air more often than others.

Is it good to drink beer
Is it good to drink beer

Beer lobbyists, through unprincipled media, convey to consumers the idea that beer is healthy, as it is the richest source of vitamins and minerals. Beer really contains folic acid, vitamins of almost all groups, and much more. But vitamins in beer are only part of its composition, and in combination with other ingredients, their benefits are very conditional.

How beer is made

Alcohol in beer comes from fermentation. But fermentation is not as simple a process as it might seem to an unbiased layman. The fermentation process occurs as a result of the vital activity of bacteria, due to which alcohol enters the initially nutritious liquid, the harm of which everyone knows about. Bacteria absorb nutrients, releasing waste products, which are in fact the bacteria's feces. These secretions are toxic and poison all body tissues. Alcohol itself, for which beer is drunk, dilates blood vessels and affects the heart, leading to the "Bavarian heart" syndrome. A beer drinker should be alerted that heart disease with thickening of its cavities is named after the beer capital of Germany. In addition, cobalt is used by brewers as a stabilizer for beer foam. The increased content of cobalt in the body makes the heart elongate in the region of the lower cavity, and such a heart is sometimes called "nylon stocking" due to changes in the structure of its tissues.

The influence of the alcohol contained in beer on the brain is such that even after 30-40 days from the moment of the last drinking of beer, a person still cannot return to the original intellectual tone. In the 20th century, scientists have proven that even one can of beer blocks the heuristic capabilities of the brain for at least 30-40 days. A beer drinker is not capable of analytical and creative work, which affects his life achievements.

Physicist Landau, who was an absolute teetotaler, somehow succumbed to persuasion and drank a little alcohol for the New Year. Later, he noted that for two months he could not return to full-fledged work.

Any type of beer contains phytoestrogens, which affect the body in the same way as female sex hormones. As a result, a man who drinks beer diminishes his interest in women, he becomes more cowardly, cannot defend his point of view and achieve success in life. So beer is not a healthy drink at all and any amount of it is dangerous. Phytoestrogens have a detrimental effect on women as well, because the term "beer mustache", meaning a condition when the hair on a woman's body begins to grow according to the male anatomical type, is not for nothing. Women are at risk of being infertile under the influence of this hormone.

Social consequences of drinking beer

Statistics on criminal offenses, especially those committed on a domestic basis, show that most conflicts take place under the influence of alcohol. The prisons are overcrowded with those who just drank beer near the entrance, but they didn't look at him that way, and he decided to figure it out. Most divorces are due to alcoholism. 90% of all abandoned children are children of alcoholics who started their journey with beer.

In narcology, beer is sometimes called the "jump drug". Over time, a person who drinks beer ceases to have enough of the dose of alcohol contained in it and he switches to stronger alcohol, aggravating his situation.

Thus, selling beer is a problem for the whole society and affects everyone.After all, you can “look wrong” at those drinking beer, whose stay at the front door in the evenings has already become a Russian reality.

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