What's Worse For The Liver & Minus; Beer Or Vodka?

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What's Worse For The Liver & Minus; Beer Or Vodka?
What's Worse For The Liver & Minus; Beer Or Vodka?

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Beer and vodka differ not only in their composition, but also in the level of impact on the body. Each drink has a different effect on a person, thereby endangering one or another organ. However, beer has a greater effect on the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and liver.

What's worse for the liver - beer or vodka?
What's worse for the liver - beer or vodka?

Effects of beer on the body

Recent medical research has shown that beer is one of the most dangerous alcoholic drinks for humans. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for a person to control the amount of alcohol consumed when drinking low-alcohol drinks. Also, beer promotes the production of dopamine, thanks to which a person gets pleasure and quickly gets used to drinking the drink.

Fusel oils

Large amounts of the drink are less processed by the liver. Despite the fact that there is much less alcohol in beer than in vodka, when fermentation processes occur, ethers, higher alcohols and fusel oils are formed. It is from these impurities that vodka manufacturers are trying to get rid of, inventing various purification systems using various metals and chemical compositions. It is fusel oils that have a toxic effect on the body, provoking the onset of pathological processes in the human body.

The content of fusel oils per liter of beer can reach 100 mg. The amount of such substances per liter of vodka does not exceed 3 mg.

Reaction of other organs

Besides the serious effects on the liver, beer has a strong effect on the pancreas. The same fusel oils irritate and, in some cases, small burns on the mucous membrane of the body, thus provoking the development of diseases such as gastritis or ulcers.

Beer increases appetite and forces a person to absorb more food, which also leads to obesity.

Beer also affects the hormonal background of the male body. Under the influence of the drink, testosterone production is suppressed. The amount of estrogen increases, which leads to physiological changes in the man's body - the pelvis and mammary glands increase, and the man's body shape becomes more effeminate.

The harm of vodka

Despite the significantly lower content of fusel oils in vodka, the percentage of ethyl alcohol in the drink remains very high. When ethyl alcohol is filtered, poisons are released that poison the cells of the organ. Damaged cells are replaced by connective tissue, which eventually leads to the development of hepatitis, cirrhosis, tumors and other diseases.

Experts advise taking good vodka or wine in order to minimize the possible harm from drinking.

Remember that any alcohol is harmful if consumed excessively. The damage caused by these drinks is serious and can cause irreparable harm to the body.

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