The Harm And Benefits Of Milk

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The Harm And Benefits Of Milk
The Harm And Benefits Of Milk

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It is unlikely that at the present time anyone dreams of a paradise where "rivers of milk" flow. And someone is completely sure that the presence of dairy products in the diet of an adult is absurd. However, this product has both advantages and disadvantages in equal measure.

The harm and benefits of milk
The harm and benefits of milk

The benefits of milk

It is believed that only children and absolutely healthy adults can drink a lot of cow (or goat) milk. This is not true. An excess of lactose is unpleasant for a person of any age. Moderate amounts, however, were not harmful in the fight against insomnia. All thanks to phenylalanine amino acids, which have a sedative effect on the nervous system. Warm milk with honey an hour before bed will help you calm down and fall asleep.

Despite the identical name, breastfeeding milk and animal milk differ in composition.

You can also try the benefits of milk when fighting colds. Easily absorbed immunoglobulin, formed in protein compounds, supports the immune system and activates suppression of viruses.

With a decrease in the acidity of the stomach, fats contained in milk help and normalize the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. But you do not need to be afraid of excess weight with frequent use of milk. The high content of vitamin B2, which is responsible for an intensive metabolism, will help to generate useful energy through the breakdown of carbohydrates and excess fat.

Do not forget also about calcium contained in milk of any origin. However, you need to carefully consider the permissible doses of milk when trying to make up for the lack of calcium in the skeletal system. Because with an excess of it, the reverse process of the breakdown and elimination of calcium from the body can begin.

Milk has a uniquely positive effect on the body when used in cosmetology: it soothes, moisturizes, softens and rejuvenates the skin. Milk baths and dairy-based ointments have been valued for centuries.

About the dangers of milk

The main enemy of the body in case of excessive consumption of milk is lactose. For many, it causes allergies, because there are no elements that break down it (enzymes) and the process of removing it is difficult. By settling in the intestines, it becomes a "home" for bacteria and the development of inflammation.

Also, milk protein and casein can damage the body. only the secreted gastric acid breaks them down, the excess of which violates the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Pasteurized milk (processed at high temperatures) has almost no useful properties, does not contain the required substances.

Both the benefits and harms of milk are scientifically based. The main rule of using dairy products is moderation and individual susceptibility.

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