Are Low-fat Dairy Products Harmful To Health?

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Are Low-fat Dairy Products Harmful To Health?
Are Low-fat Dairy Products Harmful To Health?

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Low-fat dairy products seem to many to be a panacea for losing weight and taking care of your health. However, does yogurt or milk with a minimum fat content give you well-being and longevity? It turns out that diet foods are not always low in calories.

Are low-fat dairy products harmful to health?
Are low-fat dairy products harmful to health?

Any person for a normal existence needs to include fats in their diet. By getting the right amount of fat, you can protect the body from depression, atherosclerosis and, surprisingly, from the development of obesity. Fats are not at all a poison for those who are losing weight, the more a person moves, the more nutrients he needs to absorb from food.

Doctors say that a deficiency of animal fats negatively affects the human psyche, aggravating irritability, provoking the development of depressive conditions.

What are low fat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products are easy to buy in any supermarket today. But the label on the packaging misleads consumers. Because dairy products with little or no fat are high in calories. This is due to the desire of manufacturers to make their products tasty. By removing fat from the same kefir, you can destroy its palatability. To avoid this, manufacturers add sugar, starch to the composition of low-fat dairy products, which add kilograms no worse than bad cholesterol.

"Lightweight" dairy products reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and other diseases due to the low content of cholesterol. However, they need to be consumed in a reasonable amount, building a diet not only on cottage cheese and milk with a minimum amount of animal fats. Only in this case, low-fat foods will bring undoubted benefits.

If you do not want to give up low-fat dairy products, use vitamin complexes, eat fresh vegetables and fruits as often as possible. This will allow you to get a slim figure without harming your health.

Low fat foods and weight loss

Animal fat helps to strengthen the immune system, to properly assimilate nutrients from food, and to maintain lipid metabolism. Today, many diets are based on the consumption of fat-free "milk". Eating exclusively low-fat foods is impossible if you are trying to lose weight. This is because you will feel hungry, low-fat products do not give you a feeling of fullness for long. As a result, a losing weight person eats more and more light yoghurts, drinks kefir, filling the body with carbohydrates. This imbalance will lead to increased fatigue and metabolic problems. Overloading with carbohydrates also makes the skin dry, sluggish, leading to the formation of cellulite. Therefore, even if there are low-fat dairy products, you should not rely only on their magical effect. Be sure to focus on exercise as well.

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