What Mineral Water To Drink With Gastritis

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What Mineral Water To Drink With Gastritis
What Mineral Water To Drink With Gastritis

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The frantic rhythms of modern life, stress, unhealthy diet, poor ecology lead to gastritis - inflammation of the stomach lining. In the treatment of gastritis, along with complex, medication, hydrotherapy is also used.

What mineral water to drink with gastritis
What mineral water to drink with gastritis

Water therapy

Water therapy consists in the use of mineral water, prescribed by the doctor, depending on the secretory function with which you have gastritis. The availability and cheapness of mineral water makes this method of treating stomach ailments especially popular.

It is necessary to start treatment with mineral water with a visit to the doctor. First of all, an analysis of gastric juice will be done and the type of gastritis will be determined. Inflammation of the gastric mucosa is usually accompanied by either excessive acid production (gastritis with high acidity) or insufficient (low acidity).

Mineral water for gastritis with high acidity

Released, hydrochloric acid breaks down food that has entered the stomach and irritates the mucous membrane, causing inflammation and pain. Alkaline will help to extinguish and soften the effect of hydrochloric acid, so the doctor prescribes the use of alkaline mineral water. It must be borne in mind that the temperature of the mineral water is important. For gastritis with high acidity, warm mineral water is prescribed. They drink it long before a meal, about an hour, in large sips and in one gulp. By the time food enters the stomach, water has already been excreted into the intestines and will extinguish excess acid from it.

Sulphide types of mineral water are prescribed, such as, for example, "Borjomi". Water from the sources of Zheleznovodsk, Arzni and Matsesta is also suitable. People suffering from heartburn, note that "Borjomi" without gas helps well to get rid of the disease.

Alkali of sodium bicarbonate origin is also found in such mineral water as Avadhara, Essentuki-17, and Makhachkala. "Swallow", "Tursh-Su".

Mineral water for gastritis with low acidity

If there is not enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach, doctors recommend drinking cold mineral water 15-20 minutes before meals. Being in the stomach, it "meets" food and acts on it with acid, helping to break down and digest. For gastritis with low acidity, doctors prescribe sodium chloride water, such as "Essentuki-4", "Izhevskaya", "Mirgorodskaya", "Novoizhevskaya", "Tyumenskaya", "Shaambary No. 2", "Feodosia".

It should be noted that water from mineral springs is considered curative. This is the kind of water that doctors prescribe to patients with gastritis, not bottled water. Hydrotherapy is successfully used in sanatoriums and resorts on the territories of which there are mineral springs, such as Essentuki, Truskavets, Baden-Baden.

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