Is It Harmful To Constantly Drink Mineral Water

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Is It Harmful To Constantly Drink Mineral Water
Is It Harmful To Constantly Drink Mineral Water

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Mineral water contains salt, trace elements, biologically active components and is widely used in spa treatment. It is difficult to overestimate the balneological value of such water. At the same time, many do not know whether it is possible to drink mineral water daily in unlimited quantities, or whether it is worthwhile to limit yourself to a moderate intake.

Is it harmful to constantly drink mineral water
Is it harmful to constantly drink mineral water

Is the constant intake of mineral water acceptable

To answer this question, it is worth considering in detail the classification of mineral waters. Table mineral water has a low degree of mineralization and a small amount of biologically active components. Such water can be consumed constantly by perfectly healthy people without restriction.

For gastritis, accompanied by low acidity, sodium chloride mineral waters are recommended, which are taken for a long time, half a glass 30 minutes before meals.

Medical table mineral water has a mineralization of 1 to 10 g per cubic dm3. For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, it is permissible to use such water in limited quantities. That is, medicinal table water is not suitable as ordinary drinking water.

The healing mineral water has a high degree of mineralization and contains a large amount of biologically active components. It is recommended to use such water only as prescribed by a doctor in a prescribed dose during the corresponding period of treatment for a particular disease. this is especially true for those who have liver, kidney or other internal organs.

If we consider the chemical composition in terms of ionic components, six classes of mineral waters can be distinguished: chloride, hydrocarbonate, sulfate, mixed, biologically active and carbonated. All classes of mineral water can have a different degree of mineralization and are intended for the treatment and prevention of certain diseases.

The gas composition and the content of specific components make it possible to subdivide mineral water into sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, siliceous, iodine, bromide, ferrous, radioactive and arsenic.

Chloride-calcium waters with a high degree of mineralization are used for various diseases as prescribed by a doctor.

How to choose mineral water

For daily continuous intake in unlimited quantities, choose table mineral water. It can be consumed by perfectly healthy people who do not suffer from chronic diseases.

Buy medicinal mineral water on the recommendation of your doctor. You can drink such water in a slightly warmed form without gas before or after meals. If the patient's body is exhausted or weakened, treatment is started with a low dose and gradually increased to the recommended dose.

Mostly, there is mineral water on sale in plastic or glass bottles, pre-carbonated with carbon dioxide. Such water retains its mineralization for a long time, which allows treatment in out-of-resort areas.

When choosing mineral water, read the label carefully. If the mineralization is weak and the bottle says that the water belongs to the dining room, you can drink it instead of regular water without any harm to your health.

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