How To Drink And Stay Sober

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How To Drink And Stay Sober
How To Drink And Stay Sober

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At many events, you need to maintain a sobriety of mind and self-control. But if someone comes up and offers a glass, and you refuse, it will turn out ugly. If you agree, then the conversation will be more alcoholic. You yourself may not notice this. Or this option: toast after toast flow like a river, and it's just a sin not to drink. There are several tips for such cases.

How to drink and stay sober
How to drink and stay sober


Step 1

You should not drink on an empty stomach, otherwise he will not be able to cope with the alcohol that has fallen on him. As a result, you will quickly get drunk.

Step 2

About half an hour before you are going to drink, eat a greasy meal or drink a spoonful of vegetable oil. Due to its properties, such food covers the walls of the stomach and makes it difficult for alcohol to enter the bloodstream. As a result, intoxication occurs later or does not appear at all (depending on the dose of the drunk).

Step 3

Drink a raw egg. It will help the stomach to overcome the imminent invasion of toxins.

Step 4

Eat potatoes. It perfectly absorbs alcohol and is even able to neutralize some of its effects.

Step 5

If you smoke, you will have to refuse it during the feast. Nicotine interacts with alcohol, and does not bode well, except for a quick intoxication and a heavy morning.

Step 6

Don't mix alcoholic drinks. At least don't lower the degree. And if you want some sophistication, ask a knowledgeable person about it, for example, a bartender.

Step 7

Movement will help you weatherize the effects of alcohol faster. Don't be lazy and go out to dance or play some game.

Step 8

Snack on lemon or lime. They enter into a chemical reaction with alcohol, and it disappears. Such a move will help from a quick intoxication.

Step 9

Thought processes also help with alcohol. Talk more on meaningful topics, solve problems in your mind, or recall an episode from your life in detail.

Step 10

If you are drunk and want to sober up faster, dilute a glass of water with 4-6 drops of ammonia and drink it at once. As an equivalent, try drinking two liters of warm boiling water. It won't be easy, but you will flush your stomach.

Step 11

Drink plenty of water or juice between toasts, preferably in the same amount as alcohol. Don't even think about sugary and carbonated drinks. Because of them, alcohol enters the bloodstream faster.

Step 12

Get out into the fresh air. It would be nice to ventilate the room in which you are located.

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