How To Persuade A Person To Encode?

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How To Persuade A Person To Encode?
How To Persuade A Person To Encode?

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Coding is really effective only if the person suffering from alcoholism is willing to give up alcohol and go through the procedure voluntarily. It will take a lot of patience to persuade him to take such a step.

How to persuade a person to encode?
How to persuade a person to encode?

How to convince to code: highlights

A conversation about giving up alcohol rarely meets with understanding among those who drink a lot of alcohol. Don't expect to be able to convince a person to go through the coding process right away. To speed up the process, try to choose the right moment for the conversation. Most of all, in such cases, situations are suitable when the alcoholic has already suffered because of his addiction to strong drinks. It is important that this happens recently: you can refresh the memory of a person unpleasant moments by showing him what alcohol has turned his life into.

Do not engage in such conversations when the person you are talking to is drunk or suffering from a hangover, as he simply will not want to listen to you. It is necessary that he be sober and can talk calmly, without hurrying anywhere.

It is advisable to talk in private so that no one bothers you. List facts to prove that alcoholism is bad for the life of your loved one. Talk about exactly how bad it is for him and his family. Talk calmly, do not get angry, do not reproach, do not say offensive things. Your goal is to show that you are understanding about the situation and think that the problem is alcohol, not the person. Try to let your interlocutor understand that when he gets rid of the addiction, he will be treated much better, since the problem is not in him, but in his enemy - addiction to alcohol.

What to do to make a person want to be encoded

You can try to show the alcoholic what he is losing because of his addiction. Remember what he was interested in and what he loved, try to revive in his soul the desire to do his old hobbies again.

It is very important that hobbies do not remind of painful moments that could cause binges.

If among the people whose opinion the alcoholic values, there is someone who has already successfully passed the coding, ask him for help. A good example is often more effective than words.

Unfortunately, there are times when it is nearly impossible to convince an alcoholic to code. Relatives give up and refuse further help, realizing that there will be no results. Don't give up hope. In this case, you can turn to an experienced, good psychologist who specializes in just these problems. If the alcoholic does not want to go to a specialist himself, you can at least find out what to do and say in your situation. Working with a professional will help solve the problem.

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