How To Eat And Drink For The Holidays

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How To Eat And Drink For The Holidays
How To Eat And Drink For The Holidays

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Despite all the sincerity and fun of festive feasts, they inevitably make themselves felt in the form of a couple of extra centimeters in the waist. To make the holiday a joy, try to taste the dishes in a certain sequence and do not abuse alcohol.

How to eat and drink properly for the holidays
How to eat and drink properly for the holidays


Step 1

Don't come to a party with an empty stomach. Be sure to have breakfast, lunch and snack at afternoon tea. In this case, the food should be light. Eat low-fat curd with fruit salad in the morning, soup for lunch, and fish and vegetable salad for afternoon tea. So you will prepare the body for the use of all sorts of dishes that you will certainly want to try, and the drunk alcohol will be absorbed much better.

Step 2

Start your meal with a light salad, then try the meat dishes. Don't fill your stomach right after the first toast. Eat consistently, do not put on the plate everything that you see on the table. Combine meat with vegetable cuts, refrain from very salty foods. While chewing, place your fork on the table. Take 10-15 minute breaks between meals. This time can be spent on communication and entertainment, without which no holiday is complete. After all, you are not here to eat, but to have fun.

Step 3

As for alcohol, a couple of glasses of dry wine will bring the least danger to the figure, stomach and liver. If you prefer spirits like whiskey or cognac, drink them undiluted so you will be less likely to knock over the shots one by one. Alcoholic cocktails will bring the greatest harm to the body: they contain a lot of calories, and their sweetness is deceiving - instead of one glass, you risk drinking much more.

Step 4

In order not to get drunk quickly, have a snack. It is not advisable to drink alcohol with soda or juices, because the same cocktail that was mentioned above is formed in the stomach. It is best to eat spirits with a slice of lemon or lime, and dry wine or champagne with grapes or any other fruit. If you do not drink alcohol, drink what you have eaten not with concentrated juices, but with tea without sugar or mineral water without gas.

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