How To Become Alcoholics

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How To Become Alcoholics
How To Become Alcoholics

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Alcoholism is one of the most widespread diseases, and this is largely due to the fact that many people do not perceive it as a disease. Nevertheless, in our country alone, more than 600 thousand people die from alcoholism every year. But how does a person become an alcoholic?

How to become alcoholics
How to become alcoholics


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According to the medical definition, alcoholism is an excessive addiction to alcohol-containing liquids, which has developed into a stage of physical dependence. An alcoholic is characterized by a loss of control over the amount of alcohol consumed, as well as a constant increase in the dose of alcohol required for intoxication. In addition, the clinical picture includes organ damage, a hangover, and memory loss.

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Traditionally, there are several stages of alcoholism. In the first stage, a person experiences an irresistible attraction to drinking, but is able to exist without it. However, having gained access to alcohol, he immediately loses control and gets drunk to the limit. In addition, at this stage, people begin to view drinking favorably, justifying every episode of alcohol abuse. At the same time, the dose required for intoxication increases, which leads the alcoholic to the second stage.

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The most significant characteristic of the second period is a significant increase in the required volumes of drinking with the loss of control and the emergence of physical dependence (the need to get drunk). At this stage, a person is no longer able to stop, get out of a drunken state without medical assistance, since an abrupt interruption of a binge can lead to serious disorders.

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At the third stage of the disease, the body needs only minimal doses of alcohol for intoxication. The period is characterized by memory loss, physical weakness, and social degradation. At this stage, a person is so dependent on alcohol that he cannot stop on his own, and given that the dose for intoxication is minimal, such a binge can continue until medical intervention or death.

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The causes of alcoholism can be very different. Someone gets drunk from psychological experiences, someone simply does not notice how drinking on holidays turns into daily drunkenness, someone suffers from a predisposition or physical characteristics of the body (for example, representatives of some nationalities become alcoholics much faster). Many people tend to drown all their troubles in alcohol, which quickly leads to addiction. However, there are also quite successful representatives of society who have reached everything, who are beginning to use.

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