Potato Diet

Potato Diet
Potato Diet

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The advantage of this diet is that it is very economical. But nevertheless, this is a mono-diet, therefore, in parallel, it is necessary to use a vitamin complex so that there are no problems with nails, hair and skin. And best of all, before using any diet, consult a dietitian.

Potato diet
Potato diet

For 5 days

For breakfast, you need to drink 200 ml of milk or kefir with a minimum fat content.

For lunch, cook up to 300 g of mashed potatoes, it should be in water. Salt can be added, but very little.

For dinner, boil a couple of jacket potatoes, one egg and make a salad. Season with vegetable oil, salt and pepper if desired.

During a five-day diet, you can throw off up to 500 g per day. Such a diet can be repeated no earlier than a month later.

For 7 days

For each day, you need to take 1 kg of potatoes. It needs to be divided into several meals, usually 5 times. Boil potatoes in their uniforms and eat.

Additionally, in the morning, you can eat a slice of bread with butter, during lunch, add fresh vegetables to the diet.

You can drink green and herbal teas without sugar.

Salt should not be used.

For 10 days

Breakfast: 200 ml of milk or kefir with a minimum fat content, 100 g of cheese or cottage cheese.

Lunch: 300 g of mashed potatoes in water.

For a snack, between lunch and dinner, you can eat 200 g of stewed vegetables with meat - 50 g.

Dinner: 2 boiled potatoes, 1 egg.

For 14 days

Prepare 1.5 kg potatoes for every day.

1 - 4 days only baked potatoes.

5-10 days potatoes are eaten boiled.

11 - 14 days you can eat baked and boiled potatoes, if desired.

The potatoes do not need to be peeled, they should only be cooked in their uniforms. In the last 4 days of the diet, you can add a little olive oil, on the other days you do not need to add anything, not even salt.

During such a diet, you need to drink a lot, green tea or water.

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