How To Harvest Marsh Saber

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How To Harvest Marsh Saber
How To Harvest Marsh Saber

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Tinctures, decoctions and compresses of marsh cinquefoil (another name for the plant is "Russian ginseng") have been used in folk medicine for several centuries. According to many supporters of non-traditional methods of treatment, with the help of this unremarkable-looking plant, many, even the most dangerous diseases can be expelled from the body.

Marsh cinquefoil
Marsh cinquefoil

Marsh cinquefoil is a plant widespread in Eurasia and North America, therefore its healing properties are widely known to folk healers from many countries of the world. For the preparation of medicinal products based on cinquefoil, as a rule, all parts of this plant are used: roots, stems and leaves.

Harvesting of marsh cinquefoil

In order to preserve as much as possible the medicinal substances contained in the cinquefoil, the trunk and roots of the plant should be harvested in autumn, and the stems and leaves in the middle of summer.

The roots and parts of the shrub trunk should be dried in the sun, and it is better to use some semi-dark place to dry the leaves and stems. The best option for this procedure can be a canopy made with your own hands, well blown by a warm breeze.

You can store finished raw materials in cotton bags, hanging them in a dry, preferably cool place. In this form, dried marsh cinquefoil may not deteriorate for quite a long time and can be used for two to three years. You can brew cinquefoil like ordinary tea - one or two teaspoons per glass of boiling water.

The healing properties of the cinquefoil

Despite the fact that the entire healing power of the cinquefoil has not yet been fully understood, adherents of unconventional methods of treatment can tell a lot about this unique plant. So what is Russian ginseng good for?

Firstly, due to the content of tannic acid, the tincture on the stems and leaves of this plant is an excellent remedy for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract disorders, all kinds of skin diseases, as well as diseases of the thyroid gland.

Secondly, the stems and leaves of the cinquefoil contain a large amount of saponins and flavonoids, which help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, as well as to stop internal bleeding. In addition, cinquefoil is an excellent diaphoretic and analgesic agent, it can be used for colds, as well as for toothache, stomach headaches.

Dried stems, parts of the trunk and roots of the cinquefoil are very rich in vitamin C, as well as magnesium, potassium, copper and phosphorus. Thanks to these properties, decoctions of the plant are a good preventive measure against colds and increase immunity in the cold months of the year. Alcohol tincture from dry leaves of cinquefoil will be useful for people with a weak heart, as a means of preventing stroke.

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