Dill Seeds: Medicinal Properties And Scope

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Dill Seeds: Medicinal Properties And Scope
Dill Seeds: Medicinal Properties And Scope

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Dill seeds have many beneficial properties, therefore they are widely used in folk medicine. The seeds contain a large amount of vitamins, trace elements, carotene, flavonoids, nitrogenous compounds, essential oils.

Dill seeds: medicinal properties and scope
Dill seeds: medicinal properties and scope

The healing properties of dill seeds

Dill seeds have a bactericidal, choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic and expectorant effect. They have a positive effect on the digestive, cardiovascular, urinary and hematopoietic systems. The tool helps to normalize blood pressure, cope with insomnia. The use of dill seeds allows you to normalize the digestive tract, relieves flatulence, activates intestinal peristalsis, improves the production of gastric juice, increases appetite, helps to remove toxins and toxins.

Indications for the use of dill seeds are: disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, high blood pressure, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system, obstructed blood flow, diseases of the genitourinary system, difficulty in the outflow of bile, bronchitis, colds, increased nervous irritability, insomnia.

How to apply dill seeds

As a medicine, fresh and dried dill seeds are taken in the form of decoctions, infusions. To prepare the infusion, pour boiling water over the seeds and leave to cool. You can grind them beforehand. To prepare the broth, pour 1 tbsp. dill seeds with a liter of boiling water, cook the mixture over low heat for 5 minutes, cool, strain.

For stomach pains, take ½ cup infusion 3 times a day before meals. As a diuretic, drink a decoction of 1/3 cup 30 minutes before meals, three times a day. For insomnia, drink a 50 ml infusion before bedtime. For gastritis with low acidity, diseases of the gallbladder, grind dill seeds into powder and take ½ tsp. while eating, washed down with water. For swelling of the eyelids, redness and eye fatigue, apply lotions. Soak cotton pads in the broth and apply to the eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Dill seed decoction is prescribed for infants with colic. The tool helps to get rid of gases, promotes the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines, suppresses putrefactive processes, and has a calming effect. "Dill water" is prepared as follows. Pour in 1 tsp. seeds with a glass of boiling water, let it brew for an hour and strain. Give infusion to the child for 1 tsp. 3 times a day for 15 minutes. before feeding.

Dill seeds are contraindicated in case of hypotension, hypersensitivity of the body to this agent. They should be taken with caution by pregnant women. It is recommended to consult a doctor beforehand. In the absence of contraindications, a decoction of dill seeds during pregnancy can help with edema, sleep problems, high blood pressure.

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