How To Prepare A Herbal Bath

How To Prepare A Herbal Bath
How To Prepare A Herbal Bath

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The restorative power of water - from the ancient Roman bath to the modern Jacuzzi - has been and remains undeniable. Today, hydrotherapy using healthy natural herbs is gaining popularity, and for good reason: taking such a bath has not only a cosmetic, but also a healing effect.

How to prepare a herbal bath
How to prepare a herbal bath

For the bath, you can use any of the medicinal herbs. A chamomile flower bath will help you relax, relieve pain and fatigue, and eliminate dark marks on the skin.

A pine bath can be prepared with the addition of pine needles, lavender, oregano and eucalyptus. This bath has a calming effect. It also makes breathing easier, making it a good treatment for asthma. Pine baths also relieve rheumatic pains, relax the nerves and stimulate blood circulation in the body.

possesses burdock, calendula flowers, wormwood herb, rosemary and thyme leaves.

Comfrey leaves, elder flowers, hop flowers, hyssop herb, jasmine flowers, lavender flowers, lemon balm, linden flowers, oregano leaf, marshmallow root, rose petals, sage leaves, elm bark, valerian root, verbena herb are suitable.

Angelica root, basil leaves, bay leaves, eucalyptus leaves, dill seeds, lemon peel, lovage root, marjoram leaves, nettle leaves, peppermint leaves, rosemary leaves will help.


Herbal bath preparation methods

Sachet. Place the selected herbs in a gauze bag or a piece of clean cotton cloth. Tie to a tap and draw a bath through a sachet.

Infusion. Pour half a glass of dried herbs with several glasses of boiling water and leave for 15-20 minutes. Strain and pour into the tub.

Broth. Pour 2 cups of cold water over half a glass of dried herbs. Bring to a boil and simmer, covered for 15-20 minutes, strain and add to the bath. Decoctions are best for roots and woody plants.

Add the selected herbs directly to the water before the procedure. Beforehand, it is better to place a sieve with small holes in the sewer drain in order to avoid clogging of the pipes when draining the water.


Herbal Bath Supplements

In pharmacies and shops, you can find a large selection of natural supplements that can be used to complement herbal baths. These are aromatic bath oils, castor oil, bath salts, herbal extracts and simply mood-lifting fragrances.

A good body scrub is to add mustard powder, horseradish powder, ground ginger and cloves to the herbal bath. But such supplements should be used no more often than every three days.

What is the best water temperature for a herbal bath?

The water temperature depends on the desired effect. Some experts believe that warm water is the most suitable for the procedure, that is, approximately 70-85 degrees. The higher the water temperature, the stronger the calming effect on the body.

A hot herbal bath will help relieve muscle pain and relax, but not higher than 106 degrees. The main thing is not to delay bathing, as a hot bath dries the skin a lot. In addition, long baths are not recommended for people with heart disease and high blood pressure. You can allocate 10-15 minutes for the procedure. After a relaxing hot bath, you can re-energize by taking a cool shower.

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