How Garlic Affects The Body

How Garlic Affects The Body
How Garlic Affects The Body

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Garlic has at all times been considered an extremely versatile medicinal plant. For many peoples, this valuable plant is used in folk medicine. The healing properties of garlic were used even by the Egyptians and ancient Greeks.

How garlic affects the body
How garlic affects the body

Traditional medicine classifies garlic as a versatile plant. You can rub it on your temples and forehead for a headache. And when your throat hurts, you can rub your neck with it. Garlic can even remove calluses. To do this, the plant is mixed with chalk ground to a powdery state and applied to the corns.

Toothache can also be treated with garlic. For these purposes, baked garlic is used, which must be placed on a sore tooth. They also use boiled garlic in combination with pure tar and vodka. It is believed that this infusion also helps to eliminate toothache.

Garlic is very good for treating purulent wounds and lichen. In some cases, you can use a compress of crushed fresh garlic cloves. Others make a special ointment. The ointment recipe is very simple: take onion and garlic in equal proportions, add honey, salt and pepper there. Rub the resulting mixture thoroughly and you can smear the sore skin.

Recently, many people have been suffering from high blood pressure. Garlic can also help with this. You just need to consume 2 cloves of garlic daily. But there is another way - alcoholic infusion. For cooking, you need to grind raw garlic and pour it with vodka, then let it infuse a little. Store the resulting infusion in a dark, cold place and use a teaspoon before meals.

But the most famous medicinal function of garlic is anti-inflammatory. Garlic has been and remains an indispensable remedy for colds. There are many different recipes. For example, a decoction of garlic with honey (in milk) or a tincture of garlic in vodka with viburnum is made. With a strong cough, you can also rub the feet and body of the patient with garlic.

Scientists have long proven that garlic phytoncides destroy typhus bacteria, diphtheria bacillus, cholera vibrios and inhibit the growth of Koch's bacillus (the causative agent of tuberculosis). Garlic also prevents the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, the rational basis for using this plant in folk medicine is quite obvious.

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