Excessive Coffee Consumption: Consequences

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Excessive Coffee Consumption: Consequences
Excessive Coffee Consumption: Consequences

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Some people simply have no idea how to start the morning without a cup of hot and aromatic coffee. And during the day they are not averse to indulge themselves with an invigorating drink. But, unfortunately, coffee is not so harmless, and this should not be forgotten.

Excessive coffee consumption: consequences
Excessive coffee consumption: consequences

What are the risks of excessive coffee consumption?

The daily coffee requirement that an adult bangs can drink without serious health problems is two cups. Moreover, the dishes should not be ordinary - 250 milliliters or more, and a small coffee cup - 120-150 ml. If a person drinks more than the established norm for a long time, then he has an increased risk of developing a disease such as osteoporosis. The fact is that excessive consumption of an invigorating drink prevents the body from assimilating vitamins and minerals that a person receives from food. It is the lack of these substances that provokes a decrease in bone density. This phenomenon is often observed in elderly people. True, medicine knows cases when osteoporosis develops at a young age, and this is due to the high consumption of coffee. You can slightly reduce the harmful effects of the drink by adding milk to it.

People who consume large amounts of coffee per day are at risk of anemia, as the drink interferes with the proper absorption of iron by the body. This can negatively affect the general condition of a person. After all, iron is an important component, it not only participates in the transport of oxygen, but is also involved in enzymatic reactions. Those people who suffer from iron deficiency feel constant fatigue, dizziness and general malaise. Such patients need a doctor's consultation. Most likely, the specialist will recommend limiting coffee consumption, either for the period of treatment, or at all.

Experiments have shown that people who drink more than six cups of coffee daily are at risk of cardiovascular disease. An invigorating drink enhances heart activity, increases heart rate, and increases blood pressure. Therefore, those people who have heart disease are not recommended to drink coffee.

Is there any benefit from coffee?

Doctors say that by drinking no more than two cups of coffee a day, the risk of developing diabetes is reduced by 50%. It is believed that this particular drink restores tissue sensitivity to insulin. This has a beneficial effect on blood sugar control processes.

For people suffering from low blood pressure, coffee will help raise it to a normal state. It is recommended to drink a freshly brewed drink, there will be no benefit from instant coffee.

Hence the simple conclusion: you can and should drink coffee, but in moderation, without overusing the drink. A smart approach will help you avoid negative consequences and reap the potential benefits of your favorite coffee.

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