Why Does The Skin Itch After A Tanning Bed?

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Why Does The Skin Itch After A Tanning Bed?
Why Does The Skin Itch After A Tanning Bed?

There are not many sunny days in central Russia, but you always want to look tanned and rested. Therefore, many girls visit the solarium to give their skin a beautiful chocolate shade. But when going to the salon, you should follow certain rules so as not to harm the body.

Why does the skin itch after a tanning bed?
Why does the skin itch after a tanning bed?

Why does the skin burn in a solarium

Solariums are equipped with powerful ultraviolet lamps. Their rays have two spectra - A and B. The first are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. The skin becomes dark, but there is also a negative effect. It loses collagen and elastin and becomes drier.

If new lamps are installed in the solarium, you need to be especially careful. It is better to reduce the visiting time a little. After the first session, it should be repeated no earlier than forty-eight hours later.

Spectrum B rays affect the upper layers of the epidermis. Melanin begins to be actively produced, the tan becomes visible. However, the skin loses moisture intensively, redness and even blisters may appear. The top layer of the epidermis begins to itch and flake off. To prevent this from happening, it is imperative to follow the rules of tanning in a solarium.

Tanning rules in a solarium - how to prevent skin itching

So that the face and body, which is not used to strong ultraviolet rays, does not burn or itch, you need to adhere to some rules. They are especially important for fair-skinned blondes and redheads. Their skin is very thin, contains little melanin, and burns in a solarium can be obtained very quickly.

If during sunburn, a burn was obtained with ultraviolet rays, the damaged areas should be lubricated with a special cream. It is best to use "Bepanten". It quickly restores damaged layers of the epidermis.

Beauticians and dermatologists give the following tips for tanning in a tanning bed:

- girls with fair skin should not sunbathe for more than five minutes in the first session;

- if the skin is very white, you need to use a special protective sunscreen cream;

- near the eyes, the skin is very delicate and quickly burns. Use special glasses - they are given in tanning salons;

- so that the chest does not burn and itch - stick a stikini on it;

- after sunburn, be sure to use a moisturizer, preferably water-based;

- if the skin is still burned, you can make a nourishing mask from cucumber and sour cream at home. It will help restore the damaged cover;

- the tanning time in the solarium should be increased gradually. For fair-skinned girls, it is better to adhere to this algorithm - the first visit is five minutes, the second is seven, the third is ten, the fourth is thirteen, the fifth is sixteen, the sixth is eighteen. To maintain your tan, it is enough to go to the solarium twice a week for ten to twelve minutes. Dark-skinned girls can start tanning from seven minutes, gradually increasing the time under the lamps.

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